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Text Message Survey App Designer

In the upcoming 10.8.2 release, a new survey app designer is introduced to reduce the complexity of creating most survey applications. In previous releases, any interactions involve multiple questions require using Voicent IVR Studio, which is a full developers tool with support for database access, email and website and integrations. Though the tool is not that difficult to use, but it does require some learning time.

However, many survey applications do not need the full back end programming support. The new survey app designer eliminate the need for the additional tool, thus greatly reduces the complexity. The interface is intuitive and requires almost no learning. If you are using our cloud platform, the new designer is available in the basic subscription plan. If you use our on-premise software, you would need IVR Studio license.

The survey app designer can be accessed from the main menu under Setup, Apps, Survey Etc.. The designer works for voice survey and text message survey. To add text message survey, click the Text Message button.

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