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How to Use Speed Dialing

Create Call List

To create a call list, click on AgentDialer icon, simply type in names and phone numbers in the spreadsheet-link window. You can also copy-paste your call list from other programs, such as Microsoft Excel, or use File > Import option to import an existing call list file.

Start Speed Dialing

Click the Dial button or press the F5 key on the keyboard, AgentDialer will start dialing. Once the phone call is connected, you can talk to the person right away.

To disconnect, click the Hang up button or press the F9 Key to release the call, or click the Dial button or the F5 key
to release the current call and automatically starts the next call.

You can have AgentDialer to play pre-recorded audio messages by clicking on the play audio button .
A menu containing all installed audio files will be displayed. Select the audio file you want to play.

You can stop the audio playing but clicking on the stop button .

You can click on the record button any time during the phone conversation. To stop recording, click the stop recording button

You can transfer the current call to another phone number. To transfer, simply click on the transfer button .

Use Skype Or Physical Phone Line

For predictive dilaing, the recommended phone service is VOIP service or SIP capable PBX systems. For speed dialing, it is possible to use Skype
or use physical phone line. But skype and physical phone line are still hard to use even for speed dialing.

Predictive Dialer Command Line

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