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Testing Your SIP Service

Once your SIP information is configured in Voicent Gateway, you can use any Voicent software to test the phone service. For outbound calls, use Voicent’s
Auto Dialer
Predictive Dialer
; for inbound, use
Flex PBX.

If you have trouble setting up your VOIP service with Voicent, we can help you test it. Simply send your account information to
After we test it, we’ll let you know the correct SIP settings and you can then change your account password.

To call regular telephone number, you need 11 digit for US and Canada phone numbers,
where the leading 1 is the country code. You could also have Voicent automatically add 1 to a 10 digit number by setting dialing rules from Voicent App
(Setup > Options > Outbound >Dialing Rule).


Troubleshooting SIP Configuration

Test Your VOIP Service or PBX System Using A Soft Phone

You can first try to test your VOIP service or PBX using a softphone. Download and install the free SIP softphone called
from the Internet.
Setup the softphone according to your VOIP service provider’s instructions. Normally it should have instructions for setting up a softphone.
Once it is configured, make a few test calls.

If you cannot make a test call, please contact your VOIP service provider. Simply mention you want to use X-lite softphone to make phone call and you need help setting it up.

If you can use a softphone to call, you should be able to use Voicent software.

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