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A Voicent complaint that made us smile

We never, ever, ever want our customers to be unhappy, but we did receive an emailed complaint from a client recently that inspired a brief, but proud, smile.

The note wasn’t written angrily, but the writer was clearly perturbed. It seemed that his copy of AutoReminder, Voicent’s automated appointment scheduling and reminder system, had abruptly stopped working.

This was especially vexing, the writer said, because “nothing like this has ever happened in the more than 8 years I’ve been using” AutoReminder.

We quickly determined that the problem was a hard-drive failure.  But, we must admit, we did take a sweet moment to consider that this client had been using our product schedule, track and automatically telephone recorded appointment reminders–trouble free–for more than eight years.

So, how long has your Voicent product been working for you?  We’d like to offer a gentle reminder that your computer components are far more likely to fail before our software does.

Do you have a plan for reviewing and upgrading your equipment–especially business-critical computer equipment?

We enjoyed a proud moment from our client’s note, but it also reminded us that computer equipment will eventually fail and–from our experience–it will do so at inconvenient times.

Please accept this friendly advice: don’t wait for failure. Make plans to regularly upgrade your equipment.  In addition to avoiding unexpected failures, you’ll also get the advantages of improved hardware efficiency, as well as improved security and feature upgrades in updated operating systems and software–including Voicent’s.

Eight years ago, we released a pretty good version of AutoReminder.  Our current version is even better!

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