Appointment Reminder

Automated appointment reminders by voice, text, & email

Voicent's Appointment Reminder software is an easy-to-use, automated appointment scheduling and reminder system that delivers personalized messages to any phone. When a reminder call is made, the recipient can press a keypad number to confirm, reschedule, leave voicemail, or even speak to someone in your office.

Multi-channel capabilities

Personalized voice, text, and email reminders

With Voicent's omni-channel capabilities, you can send appointment reminders to your clients as a voice recording, text message, and/or email; then collect their confirmations through the same channels.

  • Multilingual Text-to-Speech to speak appointment time and client name
  • Upload audio files with personal greetings
  • Schedule reminders 1 week, 3 days, and/or 1 hour prior to appointment
  • Offer press 1 to confirm, press 2 to cancel, press 3 to speak to live agent
Auto Reminder helps you manage customer appointments and improve customer satisfaction. It saves time and money, reduces no-shows and improves your bottom line.

Built In Scheduling System and Calendar

Color-coded calendar scheduling system for multi-users

With the built-in calendar scheduling system and seamless integration with your client database, Voicent Auto Reminder is the perfect solution for medical offices and hospitals with multiple doctors.

Appointment Reminder software
  • Use built-in calendar
  • Integrates with your existing scheduling system
  • Unlimited users in any location
  • Import appointments from any .csv
  • Searchable & customizable appointments
  • Save notes for clients
  • Visual display of confirmations
  • Color-coded appointments for mult-users
  • Supports multiple office locations
  • Easily create new appointments
  • Manage user access permissions
  • Customize reminder times
Scalable and Flexible

Supports multiple locations, departments, & users

Multiple Office Locations

To access appointment data from a remote computer where an Auto Reminder server is running, simply run Auto Reminder as a client. The server computer on which appointment data is stored can be any PC, and runs the same as a client.

Multiple Doctors

You can setup multiple users to use one version of Auto Reminder for an organized look at your organization's appointment schedule all in one place. Appointments can be saved to specific doctors and will be color-coded.

Shared Appointment Database

You can run multiple copies of Auto Reminder clients simultaneously. Since they all share the same appointment database, an appointment added on a client program is added automatically to the server, which can be any PC.

Buy once and own it for life.

Voicent's Appointment Reminder is a one-time purchase with no per call, per text, or per email fees. Plus, our software can integrate with your EMR system and customer database.

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* Please note AutoReminder is a software program you install on your computer. It is not available in Voicent Cloud service.

Integrates with any EMR system

Voicent Appointment Reminder is HIPPA compliant medical software that can be integrated with your EMR system. Designed with our easy-to-use Windows-based user interface, AutoReminder offers flexible integration with any existing office management software.

How it works

This Windows-based software can use your computer to make calls through a VOIP phone service, such as SIP or Skype, or through your regular phone lines. After the call is made, AutoReminder displays the call status and confirmation status in the calendar window. If there is a voice message, you can simply click to listen.

On Premise Software

Since our Auto Reminder is onpremise software that works on any PC, you can schedule reminders for unlimited clients, anywhere, anytime.

Voicent's Auto Reminder software is an incredibly affordable communication tool. Simply buy it once and own it for life. There are no additional monthly fees, nor are there per-call, per-text, or per-email charges.

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