Voicent achieves professional-grade Call Center scalability with 8.5 release

We have always expressly designed our software solutions to be affordable for small business owners.   And that’s still true, today.  But, with our 8.5. release, Voicent has managed to achieve a level of scalability that enables its use in national or even globall call centers.

Built in to our newest release, which is available for download now, are dramatic improvements in the way Voicent software uses computing resources.  As a result, a single, ordinary laptop or desktop computer can with Voicent installed, can handle thousands of simultaneous in-bound and out-bound calls while maintaining excellent call quality.

The increased capabilities especially strengthen Voicent’s BroadcastByPhone and Agent Dialer tools, however, all of Voicent’s software solutions benefit from the improvement, including its IVR Studio tool, which is an easy-to-use Interactive Voice Response application designer used create sophisticated navigation menus for phone systems and other custom business application integration and development.

Learn more about the 8.5.0 release here: http://www.voicent.com/pr/index.php

Or, download a free, no obligation trial, here: http://www.voicent.com/download/

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Want to start doing an email newsletter but don’t know where to begin?

Voicent has begun distilling its How to Guide for Email Newsletters into brief articles specifically geared to various industries.

The first in the series focuses on small- to medium-sized businesses looking to create email newsletters for lead generation, customer relationship management and up-selling to existing customers.

So far, the series takes readers from conceptual stages through subscriber list creation and management.

So, the material will be expanded to design and more advanced list management, content management and broadcast options.

Once the series is completed, we’ll be gearing the material to other sectors including faith communities and non-profit organizations.

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New Voicent publication: How VoIP helps build Call Centers faster, cheaper and better

The astonishing advances that VoIP technology has brought to the Call Center is the subject of Voicent’s latest publication.

Available at Voicent.com as well as in a presentation format on Slideshare.com, the publication provides an overview of the differences between old-fashioned, hard-wired Call Centers, and new, VoIP Call Centers.

It covers not only the cost-saving advantages of VoIP, but also some unexpected advantages, such as the remarkably expanded labor pool available to de-centralized, sophisticated call centers and contact centers.

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