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How to Create a Support Ticket On Voicent Live

If you’re having trouble using Voicent Live and it’s related to a technical issue from within the software, the best thing to do will be to file a support ticket.

To file a support ticket, log into your Voicent Live account by going to and then clicking on the cloud login link in the top right corner. After logging in, you should see a support menu option on the left hand side. Under that menu option there is a button that is labeled “create a ticket” which you should click on. This will take you to a form where you can specify the nature of the issue (technical/billing) and then summarize the issue for Voicent Live’s technical team to diagnose.

Once the ticket has been filed, we ask that you wait patiently while we work to resolve the issue and update you on any progress that has been made. Please check the ticket frequently as there may be more information required from you in order for the technicians to resolve the issue.

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