Alternatives to online survey

Surveys are important to collect the information businesses and organizations need, from market research to customer satisfaction. Web based online surveys, coupled with email notifications, have made conducting a survey relatively easy. Companies like Survey Monkey and Google offers various free and paid survey solutions.

One main problem of online survey is get people to take the survey, for example, emails are easily ended up in spam folder. To make your survey more representative and accurate, you will need to expand your means to reach customers.

An alternative to online survey is to use automated telephone survey solutions. The phone survey can be the traditional voice calls, but also can be text message based. Traditionally, creating, conducting, and managing these surveys take a lot of technical know-hows.

With Voicent’s end-to-end survey solutions, it is really easy to create and manage these surveys. There is almost no added difficulty comparing with online web-based surveys. For example, you can use the same online form to create a survey app, instead of type in the questions, you can choose to use an audio file. You can also easily create branches in the survey, such as press 1 for English press 2 for Spanish.

Our platform also have real-time reporting, from easy to read pie chart, to detailed per call status. All presented in an intuitive fashion.

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Average Phone Survey Time

I am the owner of a political consulting firm and have been recently looking at political polling software¬†like yours and couldn’t find on your website the average time of your phone call surveys and was wondering if you have any data on that?

When you run a polling campaign to a randomly selected list, most people do not participate and finish the survey. So even the survey may take 5 to 10 minute to finish, these calls are few among all the calls you make. So the average time will be very much like regular outbound campaigns.

To include the dialing time and the time to play your initial message, it is practical to assume the average call time is about 1 minute.

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Start an answering service

With Voicent cloud service, starting your own answering service could be easier. Whether you are just yourself working from home or a small business with overseas agents, all you need is a computer with internet connection.

Traditional answering service software and equipment are pretty expensive. With our cloud service, you can just sign up for a monthly service that starts less than $50.

Screen Pop

One key feature for any answering service software is to notify which client (the business you are helping to answer the phone calls) is called. This can be set up easily on Voicent software by using an automatic screen pop up. When a call is answered, a screen with the call script will shown on your screen. The script will inform you or your agent what to say, normally by announcing the business name.

To set this up, go to Setup, PBX, IVR app page, select the phone number, select Edit and then choose the desired script.

Auto Attendant

To save you even more time, you can setup auto attendant for each phone number. For example, if people just want to know the direction or office hour of the business, you can set up an auto attendant to automatically answer these questions.


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