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Release date (Apr 15, 2024)

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No need for the whole download

If you use predictive dialer, you only need to download Agent Dashboard for the agent's computer. Please make sure you download the same version as the server release.

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After you download and install the software, you'll see the Voicent App which looks like the image below.

Now that you have successfully downloaded Voicent, it's time to

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Older Versions

Any versions not listed here are obsolete and no longer supported. Please read our License policy to learn more

10.9.9 (Jan 29, 2024)
10.9.8 (Apr 25, 2023)
10.9.7 (Jan 14, 2023)
10.9.6 (Aug 26, 2022)
10.9.5 (May 21, 2022)
10.9.4 (Jan 29, 2022)
10.9.3 (Nov 02, 2021)
10.9.0 (Mar. 26, 2021)
10.8.9 (Aug. 30, 2020)

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