Local presence and dialers

Local presence enables inside sales reps to automatically dial using area codes of target prospects. Local presence dialers can normally improve call connection rates, because prospects tend to be far more likely to answer unknown calls from local numbers, rather than toll-free or long distance phone numbers. In addition, certain industries line insurance requires sales rep to have state license, thus making it important to have a local presence when contacting prospects.

With Voicent’s cloud solution, local presence can be achieved through various means.

First, you can set caller ID for a particular campaign. So if you are calling California, simply select a CA phone number for your campaign caller ID. This is an inexpensive option, caller ID is only $2 per month per number (you must own the phone number). But this option forces you to run different campaigns based on caller ID selection. If you are doing nationwide calling, this may not be feasible.

A more practical way is to set local presence dynamically based on the area code of the target phone number. For example, if the target number is 650 xxx-xxxx, and if you have a caller ID with 650 area code, then that caller ID is used. If you do not have a 650 caller ID in your account, then a certain 650 caller ID is automatically generated based on the rules you defined.

Please note the second option is only available in dedicated cloud account. A dedicated cloud account reserves a dedicated server just for your account, meaning you have full control of how the server is used and how the software is configured, from setting local presence to automated recording of all connected calls. The cost of a dedicated cloud account is your normal subscription fee plus server cost. The server cost starts from $300 per month and depends on the type of server your account requires. To convert your account from flex to dedicated, please open a support ticket.

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Automatically send email when voice mail is dropped

Yes, I would like help getting the service set up. I need to be able to do the following:
1) Drop a pre-set voice mail when a call reaches voice mail
2) Drop a pre-set email on every contact where a voicemail was dropped

This should be pretty easy to do with predictive dialer and workflow automation.

1. Record or upload your voicemail message

For this, go to the app portal, select Setup, Campaign, Audio Files from the main menu. There you can have the system call you to record a message or use computer generated voice.

2. Start Predictive Dialer

Now you can use the audio file for voice mail drop. Start predictive dialer as usual (see How to start a predictive dialer for more info). In the last step (Set Campaign Options), expand the item named Select Optional Messages…. Then under Machine Answer Audio, select the voice mail drop audio file, then submit the campaign.

Voice mail drop is automatically performed by the predictive dialer. When the dialer makes an outbound call, it tried to detect whether the call is answered by a live human or machine. If it is live human, it transfer the call to your agent right away; if it is answered by a machine, it will wait till the beep and then play the voice mail audio file. (If no audio file is specified, the dialer immediately disconnects the call when a machine is detected). The ability to handle machine answer automatically, coupled with utilizing more than one lines per agent, is the main reason a predictive dialer can easily double or triple an agent’s productivity.

3.1 Automatic email (without workflow feature)

If your account does not have workflow feature, you can still send emails to contacts that received voice mail drop. Simply go to the campaign details, select all machine answer and create a new list. Then use the list to create an email broadcast campaign. For more info, please see How to run campaigns based on previous campaign results.

3.2 Automatic email (with workflow feature)

You can define a workflow trigger to automatically send an email when a voice mail is dropped. The trigger is defined under Setup, Workflow, Trigger from the main menu. The following figure shows the trigger definition. Basically it says if a customer record is updated, and the customer’s contact status equals to Machine Answer, then send email to contact’s email address using the email template. (The email template is defined in Setup, Campaign, Messages)

In order to set the Contact Status to Machine answer, you need to set the call disposition rules when starting a predictive campaign. This is done in the same step as setting the voicemail drop audio.

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Auto dialer to instantly connect without a delay

Hello, I am looking for an autodialer to use with 4 reps. I also need the autodialer to instantly connect without a delay when the prospect picks up.

The dialer names are loosely used and sometimes deliberately misused by some companies. So here are definitions for various call center dialers:

1. Autodialer is an automatic dialer that delivers pre-recorded messages. It is also called voice broadcaster. The dialer is capable of collecting touch tone feedback and it is used often for press-1 campaigns.

2. Predictive dialer is also an automatic dialer. Unlike the autodialer, it does not play a pre-recorded message when a call is answered. If it is answered by a live human, the call is instantly transferred to an agent. If it is answered by a machine, the dialer can either disconnect or automatically leaves a message. A predictive dialer normally dials out on multiple lines per agent since it can handle machine answers automatically.

Predictive dialer has to detect whether a call is a live human or machine. This is done by analyzing the incoming phone audio and thus will have some delay (about 1 second). This delay is normally not a problem as long as your agent speaks immediately when he is connected. Our software also allows options to fine tune the detection time. For certain campaigns, you can completely turn off the detection so the agent is connected instantly whenever a call is answered.

3. Progress dialer is a semi-automatic dialer. It automatically dials from a list one by one. An agent is listening on the phone line all the time, including the time before a call is answered. A progress dialer uses a single line.

4. Preview dialer is also a progress dialer except it gives an agent a preview time to decided whether to make the call.

The good news is that our cloud service has all dialers included. Further more, all have built-in CRM.

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