Caller ID registration

To fight SPAM calls, carriers nowadays may block calls due to calling number (caller ID). There are few possible causes:

  1. The calling number has a low answer rate from end users
  2. The calling number generates low duration calls
  3. The calling number is responsible for large volumes of unwanted calls

Carriers use analytic providers to measure the reputation of the caller ID. Register the telephone numbers with the analytic providers may help your calls get connected.

Why Register?

To reach the major mobile carrier’s analytic providers, please register the telephone numbers at To reach T-Mobile’s analytic provider directly to register numbers, please go to to register numbers. Going direct to the analytic provider has a faster turnaround of being registered / call being delivered to end user.

According to the “Free Caller Registry enables entities making legitimate outbound phone calls to submit their data to the three major providers of call management services supporting the major US wireless carriers once via a standard, centralized experience.”

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DNC management

Hello, Is there is a DNC file kept in the program where I can add numbers, so when I upload any new numbers it can check against those numbers and delete them from the newly uploaded list.

Here are a few key points about how Do-Not-call call is managed by Voicent software.

1. A contact record has a field called Do Not Call, if it is checked, the dialer software will not make calls to that contact

2. When importing a list, by the default merge option, a duplicate record will not be created. A duplicate record is defined as a contact record with the same phone number or email.

So the entire contact database, with various lists, are served like a DNC list for importing. Please note other merge options during importing could create duplicate records.

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Special dialing mode in predictive dialer

One key advantage of using a predictive dialer is its ability to detect live human answer vs. machine answer. Since all machine answered calls are handled automatically by the dialer, either leaves a voice mail or quickly hangs up, agents are freed up to handle only live answers and thus saves a great amount of time. The productivity gain is normally double or triple because there are more phone lines then agents are deployed – while agents are talking to customers, some phone lines are handling the machines in the background.

However, the detection may not work well for lists with extensions. These numbers are usually answered by automated IVR systems or receptionists. In this situation, most companies use our power dialer or preview dialer to work the list. In this article, we show you a special mode in our predictive dialer that works better than power dialers. Here are the steps:

1. Turn off call progress detection

When the detection is off, the dialer connects a call to an agent immediately, regardless whether the call is answered by a human or machine. This option is set in the Setup, Account, Call Control page as shown below:

2. Run campaign using 1:1 ratio

You can then run a predictive dialer campaign as usual. The only thing to make sure is to use the same number of lines/channels as the number of agents.

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