Voicent Cloud

An instant cloud call center with built-in CRM at your fingertips.

Voicent streamlines your inbound and outbound calls while helping you manage agents, manage customers, and manage business automatically. This all-in-one solution is easy to use and contains everything you need to grow your business.

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Flexible Account - Only Pay For What You Use

Your plan cost = subscription fee + usage fees.

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billed monthly

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Base Plan Includes:

Built-in CRM

Auto Dialer, Predictive Dialer, Progressive Dialer, Preview Dialer

2 outbound voice lines/channels

Dedicated account manager

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Usage Fee

Calling Plan Included Credit

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> 50,000

* 1 minute of phone call uses 1 credit. 1 text message uses 1 credit. (Starting from Jun 1, 2024, 1 text message will use 2 credits.) Please see Pricing FAQ for more details.

What's in Voicent Cloud?

Call center tools, built-in CRM, workflow automation. Everything you need to grow your business.

Cloud auto dialer for call centers

Auto Dialer

Hosted outbound call center

Outbound Call Center

Hosted crm built in for call centers

Built in CRM

Hosted call center inbound phone system

ACD Routing

Hosted call center supervising and monitoring software

Call Center Manager

Hosted outbound call center

Workflow Automation

Hosted predictive dialer

Predictive Dialer

Hosted outbound ivr system

Outbound IVR

Hosted outbound call center

Website tracking

Hosted call center inbound software

Inbound Call Center

Hosted agent monitoring

Agent Monitoring

Hosted outbound call center

Marketing Automation

What is a power dialer?

Power Dialer

Hosted phone survey call center-grade

Phone Surveys

Hosted email marketing for call centers

Email marketing

Hosted call center ivr system

Inbound IVR

Hosted whisper coaching software

Whisper Coaching

Hosted outbound call center

Sales Automation

What is a preview dialer?

Preview Dialer

Hosted call center sms surveys

Text/SMS Surveys

Hosted text messaging marketing for call centers

Text/SMS marketing

Hosted business phone

Virtual Receptionists

Hosted outbound call center

Agent Dashboard


Everything you need to know to get started.

What is included in the 30-Day free trial?

The free trial account has CRM, outbound dialers, and text and email tools. When you set up your account, you will receive 100 free Voicent credit for making calls and sending text messages. If you need more than that, you can purchase additional calling minutes at a pay-as-you-go rate.

Is there a minimum number of agents I need to sign up?

Nope. Our plans are flexible enough to support a 1-person plan making a few calls a day, all the way up to 500 agents making millions of calls per month.

How can I cancel my account?

It is easy. Login to your account, go to subscription plan, and follow the link labeled "cancel account". There is no need to call us.

If I want to have my agents use Voicent Cloud, do I need to get more accounts?

No, you only need 1 main account. You can easily add agents to your plan through your billing portal. Then, create usernames and passwords for your agents in your account settings. Your agents will be able to log into their sub-accounts from anywhere in the world and use the enterprise-grade call center tools in Voicent Cloud.

I don't want my agents to access certain data in my account.

That's easy! You can change the permissions for different roles, such as Agent (limited view), Manager (less limited view), and Admin (unrestricted access) in your settings.

What's the difference between Voicent Cloud and Voicent on-premise software?

With Voicent Cloud, you don't have to have your own phone service. Simply sign up, upload a contact list, and start your campaign.

With Voicent on-premise software, you can use your own phone service (our software works with nearly all VoIP and SIP services), and we don't charge any per minute rates. You can purchase or lease the on-premise software.

How many channels/ports do I get?

The base plan comes with 2 outbound channels or ports per agent. A channel is basically a phone line, with 10 channels, for example, you can make 10 simultaneous calls. If you need more channels, simply add more ($7 per channel) to your flex account.

Can I set up my caller ID?

Yes, as long as you own that telephone number. You can add as many caller IDs ($2 per ID per month) as you want.
Local presence (showing caller ID with local area code) feature is available for enterprise account.

Is there any limit on the number of CRM records?

Yes, you should try to keep the number of records below 50K per user. So for a 4-user account, the max records is 200K. To have more records, you will need to have a custom plan.

How does Voicent Cloud billing work?

Billing starts at $19 per seat per month for the base plan, which includes a complete Outbound Call Center solution and CRM. Depending on the credit package you use, calls are billed at $0.015 / minute up to $0.04 / minute at 30/6 increments.

Why can our billing method double your calling minutes?

Most dialer campaigns are short duration calls, such as those reach answer machine and then quickly disconnected. With our 30/6 billing increments, these calls are charged for half a minute (initial 30 seconds) or half a credit. That's a incredible 50% savings over services that always charge phone calls round up to a minute.

What is a credit?

A Voicent credit equals to one minute of phone call or one text message. With 30/6 billing, a call with less than 30 seconds of connected time is billed for half minute or 0.5 credit. After 30 seconds, it is billed at 6 second increment. For text message, the length of text must be less than 160 characters (including punctuation and space). For a message longer than 160 characters, it will be broken up into pieces, with 150 characters each. Each piece will then be sent separately and be charged 1 credit. (Most mobile companies may assemble these pieces back into a single message, but they will charge for each individual piece as a separate message.)
Please note due to the various fee increases from our text service providers, starting from Jun 1, 2024, 1 text message will use 2 credits.

What counts as connected time for billing?

A call is connected when it is answered by a human or a machine. Call dialing time is not billed.

Do minutes/credits roll over? What if I use more than the included credits?

No, credits do not roll over. If you use up your calling credits, phone calls are billed at the same rate as your package rate.

How come your price is so low?

We have been a profitable business for close to 20 years and we know how to make our software intuitive, easy to use, and user friendly. We are able to eliminate the need for long training calls, webinars, and 95% of all typical support questions. In turn, we keep a low overhead and are able to pass on the savings to you.

I don't know exactly my call volume yet; how should I select a package?

You can choose based on the minimum credit you will use for a month. For example, if you know you will definitely use more than 10,000 minutes, then choose the 2 cents package that comes with 6500 credits. After the included credit is used up, the minutes will be billed at the same rate as the package rate. Basically a credit package gives you a set calling rate. The larger the call volume, the lower the calling rate.

Do you offer phone support?

Yes. After you sign up for a trial or flex account, you will have a dedicated account manager to help you with any questions.

Actually, most of our customers find the service easy enough that phone support is not necessary. If you are new to the service, we have help videos online, in-product walkthroughs, and knowledge-base articles. You can also open a support ticket anytime. For emergency issues, you can file an urgent ticket 24/7 that will normally be answered within minutes.

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