Agent Dashboard™: Handling Inbound Calls

Agent Dashboard™: Handling Inbound Calls

In the call control panel, agents can transfer or conference a call, record conversations, hold or park calls, and click to play audio files over the phone to answer repetitive questions. Agent statuses are displayed in the call forwarding screen, showing all agents who are currently unavailable, busy, or available to take calls. By using the Agent Dashboard and a headset to talk over the phone, your agents can access everything in one place, hands-free.

Satisfy Inbound Calls Professionally and Efficiently

Through the Agent Dashboard, you can setup multiple Auto Attendants, deploy IVR menus built with IVR Studio, and specify dates and times for alternate phone menus to play.

Route Calls to Agent Extensions and Groups

Get unlimited groups and agent extensions for all types of departments in your organization. Easily create, add, delete agents and departments for call routing and forwarding. If a caller wants to speak directly to a specific agent, they can dial the extension of the agent. This call will go straight to that specific agent’s dashboard and can only be picked up by that agent.

Pickup, Park, and Transfer Calls

The agent can put the phone conversation on hold, transfer the call, to another agent, put it on mute, and set up call conferencing. Controls for the call are next to the dialpad on the left side of the dashboard.

Handling Calls On The Agent Dashboard™

On our Flex PBX pages, you can explore inbound call handling features in depth.