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What is a PBX?

A private branch exchange (PBX) is a telephone exchange for a particular business. A PBX system connects incoming telephone lines to a set of extensions inside a business.

What is VOIP or IP PBX?

VOIP PBX or IP is a PBX system that can handle calls on an IP network. It supports outbound connection to a SIP trunk or regular trunk; it also supports IP extensions. Most VOIP services provide regular telephone numbers to allow calls from landline or cell phones. The person who calls these numbers usually cannot tell the difference whether the call is make to a VOIP service or traditional PSTN service.

What is Voicent's Flex PBX?

Flex PBX is an affordable and easy to use auto attendant software system. Because it is a software package, it offers flexible configuration and unlimited design capability. It has all the features of a traditional PBX plus much more.

What is an Auto Attendant?

Also known as a Virtual Receptionist, it allows callers to be automatically transferred to an extension without the intervention of a live operator. Typically the Auto Attendant is included in a business phone system.

What is an IVR Menu?

A phone system menu that interacts with humans through the use of voice and DTMF keypad inputs. Auto attendant is a special kind IVR, where the target operation is the transfer of a call to an extension. IVR can be more broadly defined. It can interact with a database to supply requested information such as account balances, etc.

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Voicent PBX: Workflow Triggers

Automatic CRM tracking is only one way Voicent software can automate your business processes. To find out more about business automation, contact us through this link here.

Easy to Setup

Setting up workflow triggers requires no coding or advanced integrations. Simply create a trigger in the Workflow tab in the Voicent system by pointing and clicking.

Automate Business Processes

Using workflow triggers, you can automate most or even all of your business processes. Plus, with automated workflow, your agents won't have to remember to send emails or even remember to schedule follow up calls. Voicent software can automate your entire business, or simply be used for small triggers.

Trigger Email

Certain events, like a campaign starting or ending, can be small yet important triggers for sending emails. These triggers can apply to both agents and customers. Plus, we offer behavior-based email marketing. Instead of setting triggers based on time, you can set triggers based on the behavior of your callers.

Trigger Text Message

Text messages are read more often and more instantly than emails, and reach people more often than phone calls. With text message automation, you can alert agents anywhere in the world about events and news.


Part of the advantage of having omni-channel capabilities is that you don't have to integrate your SMS or email software with your phone software. With Voicent, you can use phone, text, and email all from one place.

Connect to Website

With Voicent's workflow automation, you can connect your company's website to the sales process. Create customer CRM records from web forms, send follow up emails through email drip, and automatically schedule follow up calls for agents after someone signs up.

Trigger Phone Calls

Automatically triggered phone calls can be used when campaigns finish for briefing, or when agents need to follow up with an important customer. While phone call dripping is less popular than email dripping, a personal phone call from an agent can do wonders for the bottom line.

Marketing Automation

The most popular form of marketing automation is time-based email dripping (after 7 days, send Getting Started email; after 30 days, send Tutorial email). Voicent takes your business a step further: we offer behavior-based email marketing. Instead of setting triggers based on time, you can set triggers based on the behavior of your callers.

Sales Automation

For example, send an email and text message to all agents when a sales campaign starts. With this automated notification, agents can prepare in time for a higher incoming call volume due to the sales campaign.

PBX Feature Tour: Business Automation

Voicent PBX: Workflow Triggers