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Setup Voicent To Use Your PBX System

The easiest method to configuring Voicent’s software is to use a PBX system’s IP extensions, which are used for IP phones or softphones. Today, most major brands, such as Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, etc, all support IP extensions.

Before you start, take a look at your PBX connections. If it is using a SIP trunking service, such as Broadvox or, then you should travel to setup Voicent to use a SIP trunking service for further assistance.

Specific PBX System Set Up

If you can’t find your PBX system in this list, follow the generic instructions below.

Step 1: Create PBX IP Extensions

The first step is to configure an IP extension (or extensions for multiple lines) for an IP phone or soft phone on your PBX system. The exact steps depend on your PBX system. Please check your PBX admin manual for further details. The IP extensions, also called SIP extensions, are different from traditional extensions that are used for physical line connections.

The extension should contain connection information, such as extension number, username, and password. Along with the IP address of the PBX system, the information (aka. SIP credentials) allows software’s like Voicent to connect to the PBX and use the extension.

Step 2: Test with an IP Phone

Once an extension is configured, you can test it with an IP phone or a soft phone like X-lite. There are many free soft phones online and one of the most popular one is X-lite. Many of the PBX user and admin manuals, as well as many online content, contain sections on how to configure X-Lite properly. All these steps described for setting up X-Lite should also apply to Voicent’s software, since it also acts as a soft phones.

Enter the SIP credentials information to the soft phone’s setup page. For X-Lite, it is under the SIP Account Settings. If the SIP information is correct, X-Lite should start and show it is connected. Try to make a few test calls and make sure the audio works both ways.

Please note the above two steps are independent from Voicent’s software.

Step 3: Setup Voicent To Use the IP extension

Once X-Lite is running and working, Voicent software should be working as well. All you need to do is use the same SIP credentials to configure Voicent’s gateway. To enter this information, open Voicent’s Software, select Setup > Options > SIP tab, and click the Add button.

If you want to setup multiple lines, you need to repeat the steps to create additional extensions.

Please note that Voicent software does not need extra software (like X-lite softphone) to make VoIP calls. Voicent software is configured as a softphone when used with a VoIP service.

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