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More affordable. More portable. More effective. More efficient. More productive. Voicent Call Center Solutions are sure to boost your company's bottom line.

Save Time and Money with Voicent's Call Center Solutions

Voicent's products meet the needs of the new generation of VoIP-based call centers, eliminating costly overhead such as hardware acquisition and maintenance, automatically monitoring and managing resources to meet regulatory requirements and campaign goals.

With Voicent's native VoIP tools, the number of lines that you can run simultaneously is infinite, and our networked solutions mean that your staff can work from anywhere there is access to a computer and an Internet connection.

Thousands of simultaneous calls on an ordinary laptop or desktop computer: Voicent's 8.5.0 release includes dramatic improvements in computing-resource usage that enable typical computers to handle thousands of simultaneous out-bound and in-bound calls without impacting call quality.  These changes establish Voicent software as a professional Call Center-grade solution, capable of supporting any sized Call Center.

That means Voicent provides incredible value and scalability. Voicent's intuitive, easy-to-use design and affordable price makes it a great solution for small businesses and start-ups.Voicent's software requires no special hardware, making it incredibly inexpensive to install and maintain. Because Voicent's products don't require the use of fixed phone ports on a physical hardware card, adding additional agents is quick, easy, and affordable. As your business grows, you'll know that Voicent will be able to easily grow with you.

All of our products are sold with simple buy-it-and-own-it-for-life licensing. Our products have no monthly, annual, or per-message costs or fees.

Save tons of money on your phone bill: With Voicent software, you can choose your phone service that offers you the best rate. For large call centers, the savings of one tenth of a penny on a per minute rate can ultmately save tens of thousand of dollars per month. Click here to see how to save money on phone bills for contact centers.

Call Center Manager

Automatically measure and manage regulatory compliance, call center efficiency, and campaign productivity

Ensure regulatory compliance by automatically measuring and adjusting the pace of outbound calls, keeping within strict federal limitations on Dropped and Abandoned-Call rates.

Quick and easy call monitoring and recording, and "whisper coaching" to speed quality and effectivenes of new agent training.

Tracking, collecting and statistical reporting of call volume, line usage, dropped-call rates, current and historical campaign performance. Lets you measure it so you can manage it!

call center software

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Call Center Agent Dialer

Predictive dialer allows your closers to focus on making sales

The virtual nature of the system also means that your call center agents can work from anywhere there's an Internet connection.

With Voicent's AgentDialer, setting up multiple campaigns is as simple as a mouse click.

AgentDialer can be easily integrated into any existing database or CRM software, and can be used to record calls, log campaign statistics, and transfer calls between multiā€tiered agents.

Can handle thousands of simultaneous calls from a single computer.

predictive dialer

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Call center management tools to train agents and whisper coach

Call Center Manager

Automatically meet regulatory requirements while managing call center effectiveness and efficiency. Learn More
Close more deals with high quality prospects by using a predictive dialer with progressive, preview and manual dialing modes

Predictive Dialer

Automatically dial, then disconnect or leave message on machines while handing you only the calls answered by live persons. Learn More
Software for call centers who make outgoing calls for sales and lead generation

Outbound Call Center

The outbound call center solution combines the power of predictive dialing, IVR, and CRM. Learn More

Call Center Broadcast Suite

For Broadcasting Voice, Text, And Email

Voicent's broadcast suite of tools are completely automated message delivery systems. Once started, there is no human intervention ever needed, it can stop itself once it reaches designated blocked evening hours, and it can even reschedule itself to continue next day broadcast.

The system can collect touch-tone responses so your agent only talks to prospects who are interested in what you have to offer.

The touch-tone key can also be used for removing someone from the call list automatically.

Fully integrated with Voicent IVR Studio, so your outbound campaign can handle multiple levels of questions and answers, automatically update your customer database, and automatically send out email if certain triggers are met.

Auto dialer with press 1 option

Auto Dialer

Our automated calling software will help you reach people by phone or by voice mail with personalized messages and press 1 transfers. Learn More
Send mass text messages to multiple people at the same time and collect responses. Great for event notifications and more.

Bulk SMS

Send event notifications, reminders, and alerts to customers. Or, pair Bulk SMS with our IVR to easily create text message surveys. Learn More
Email marketing cheap and affordable hosted plans or own software with no per text fees

Email Marketing

Share valuable information via emails, use text or HTML formats, and automatically track open, bounced and unsubscribed emails. Learn More
IVR Platform

Inbound Call Center

Give your Customers The Best Phone Experience Possible

For inbound-oriented call centers, Voicent's IVR Studio and its point-and-click interface, offers an easy but sophisticated way to manage your calls, including skills-based call routing, text-to-speech, CTI screen pop, and more

From simple call-flow menus to incredibly powerful connections to web applications, CRM applications, ERP applications, and other tools, IVR Studio simplifies business integration and increases system flexibility. The inbound call center voice and SMS applications you can design with it can be fully integrated into your existing IT infrastructure and business processes.

Based on internet standards, Voicent IVR Studio is extensible and allows integration with existing websites and custom-developed Java classes, which enables independent developers to use Voicent IVR Studio to meet unique business needs.

Use GUI point-and-click interface for standard call flow design, or use HTTP or programming API for deeper integration with your existing IT infrastructure.

CRM software to track customers and callers automatically

Voicent CRM

An easy-to-use CRM system that is fully integrated with your phone system. Learn More
IVR software for easy to build surveys, phone menus, professional greetings, and more

IVR Studio

Quickly build interactive phone applications that are fully integrated with your business. Learn More
CRM software to track customers and callers automatically

Voicent Gateway

Create interactive business applications with Voicent's VoiceXML and 2-way SMS development platform. Learn More
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