Voicent Support

Professional Full Setup Service       Buy for $199

This setup service is specifically designed for customers who purchased Voicent Professional or Standard Edition software. With professional full setup service, our technical staff will remote login to your computer and set up Voicent system for you. Once the setup service is complete, your Voicent software should be up and running.

The following are the setup tasks we will perform:

Complete List of Setup Tasks

  • Check your computer to make sure it meets the minimum system requirements
  • Check your internet bandwidth to make sure it meets the minumum requirements
  • Download Voicent software on your computer.
  • Install Voicent software on your computer.
  • Configure your VoIP service with Voicent software.
  • Make a test call to make sure Voicent software is working
  • Submit request for product license and activate the license.

What is not included

  • Product training. Voicent software is easy to use and we have product walkthrough help built in the product. But if you want us to train you on product usage, we do offer product training service.
  • Multiple Voicent products setup. Voicent offers voice, SMS, and email products, each requires completely different setup and configuration. This setup service includes setting up one product.
  • Re-setup on a different computer. If you later on want to move the software to a different computer and want us to setup up again, you must purchase another setup service.
  • Integration service with your web site, etc, such as setting up email tracking using the web module
  • If you try to set the system up with a voice gateway such as Cisco SPA3102 device, please note we do not provide support for setting it up with your PBX system. Since each PBX system is different and requires vendor specific knowledge, the best place to get support is your PBX system vendor. We'll try to set it up and provide some general guidelines, but the time is limited to 30 minutes for this specific task.
Professional Setup Service