Outbound Call Center

Outbound Contact Center Features

Campaign Features

Multiple Campaign Capabilities: Supports multiple campaigns such as campaign specific agents and max used channels/lines

Touch Tone Key Responses: Programmable touch-tone key responses for user-specified actions

Remote Deployment: Remote deployment for IVR applications

Automatic Campaign Resume: Automatically resumes unfinished campaign next day

Press Key To Transfer: Recipient can press a key to be transferred to a live agent or to leave a voice message

Easy To Use: Single-click IVR application deployment

Keypad Options: Recipients can press a key to opt-out, confirm, replay, or leave a message

Integration: Fully Integrated with Voicent IVR Studio to support multi-level questions and answers survey

Remote Access: Remote Access to IVR application from any computer

Dialing & Line Usage

Remote Control: Remote control of auto dialing from anywhere

Any VOIP, Sip, PBX, Analog: Works with any VoIP, SIP, PBX, and/or analog phone line

Built-In Call Schedule: Built-in call scheduler to schedule calls in advance, recurring calls, no-call hours and more

Set Line Usage: Set line usage based on campaign and call parameters

Set Up Dialing Rules: Voicent software allows you to set up flexible dialing rules, set up call intervals, and many other dialing options

Distinguish Between Machine and Human: Plays different messages for answering machine and live human pickup

Efficiency With Lines: Automatically direct line usage for maximum control*)

Call Til Confirm: Call 'til confirm for escalation reponse

Phone Number Generator: Generates unlimited phone numbers with specified prefix-like area code

Smart Detection: Detects human pickup, answering machine, voice mail, no answer, busy, disconnected line

Automatic retry: Automatic retries for busy line or unanswered calls

Transfers & ACD

ACD: Create and manage automatic call distribution (ACD) plans

Transfer Live Calls: Transfers live calls to cell phone, land line phone or SIP soft phone.

Transfer to Remote: Call transfer to remote computer that runs Voicent RemoteAgent software

CTI: Call transfer to any computer with CTI popup screen

Any phone: Transfers live calls to cell phone, land line phone or SIP soft phone.

Back and Forth Transfers: Transfers live calls back to the calling computer or to any computer and displays pop-up window with caller's info

Campaign Parameters: Set agent call distribution based on campaign and call parameters

CRM & Integration

CRM Integration: You can integrate the Voicent solution with SugarCRM, ZohoCRM, and more

Email Integration: Built-in support for email server integration

Communication Tools: Fully integrated with Voicent predictive dialer, auto dialer, and IVR applications

Management & Reports

Summary and Reports: Automatically display and generate real-time agent summary and reports

Real-Time Call Status: Report real-time call status with time stamp

Phone conversation recording: Have calls recorded for training purposes and quality assurance

Auto Pacing: Auto pacing call volume based on current drop rate, agent availability, and campaign statistics

Performance Monitoring: Real-time call center performance monitoring that shows agent productivity and line use

Phone Call Monitoring: Motivate and imcrease your agents' productivity with phone call monitoring

Separate Lines: You can monitor each calling line separately

Whisper-Coaching: Provides whisper coaching feature allowing live-call coaching that is inaudible to customers.

FTC Compliance and Dropped-Call Rate: Compliance for FTC's limitations and requirements on Dropped-Call rate1

DNC Scrubber: Scrubs against Federal or in-house Do-Not-Call lists

Specific Agents for Specific Calls: Specify particular agents for specific call demographics

Campaign Reports: Analyze and view your contact center with real-time campaign summaries and reports

Scalability & Use

Easy and Simple: download and setup in 10 minutes.

PC Friendly: Works on any Windows based desktop or laptop computers.

Match For Impact: Match messages, campaigns and agents for maximum impact

Unlimited: Allows unlimited campaigns, call lists, and phone numbers

Scalability: Unlimited channel/line scalability

More Features

Developer feature: Command line interface

Build-in Support: Built-in support for Java programs and libraries

Remote Access: Password protected remote internet access

Accounts Rotation: Automatic VOIP accounts rotation

Built-in Support: Built-in support for relational database access and management

Message Customization: Built-in Message Designer for message customization

TTS: Supports multi-lingual Text-to-Speech (TTS Plug-in sold separately)

Web Integration: Built-in support for HTTP protocol for website integration

External Program Launch: Built-in support for launching any external programs and getting back execution results

Cloud: Cloud-based configuration