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What is VOIP?

VOIP allows users to make telephone calls over the internet to other VOIP users free of charge and to landlines and cell phones for a minimal fee. Since calls are made over the internet, you no longer need a physical phone line. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocal.

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What is SIP?

SIP is a standard for VOIP. With SIP, you use a SIP softphone to make phone calls from your computer. A SIP softphone is simply a piece of SIP client software with a telephone-like user interface. Each line started by Voicent software acts as a SIP softphone. Once you setup and configure Voicent for SIP, you can use any Voicent program as if you are using regular telephone lines.

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SIP Termination

A VOIP service feature that allows you to call both local, long distance and international phones and cell phones directly from a SIP softphone (thus from Voicent).

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DID Number

Stands for Direct Inward Dialing Number. The number looks exactly the same as a regular phone number and it allows anyone to call your SIP softphone from a landline or mobile phone.

Choose a VoIP Phone Service for Your Voicent Trial

How to test for free

And why you shouldn't

Voicent software supports any major VoIP phone service, such as Skype, Callcentric, Vonage Soft Phone, RingCentral, etc.

Most VoIP phone services offer free, stripped-down versions of their service. You can use these free services to test Voicent's software, but we recommend that you spend just a few dollars to get business-quality service on which to test our software. Here's why:

Free VoIP accounts have strict limitations. Most limit the number of channels (lines) you can have and the number of calls you can make. These restrictions reduce the power and value of a product like Voicent's BroadcastByPhone, which can potentially make hundreds or even thousands of calls for you each day.

Typically, free VoIP accounts won't let you make calls to regular landlines or cell phones. You will only be able to call the phone numbers of other users of that VoIP service.

If you don't have VoIP service now, you will want to get it eventually. Why not use the time testing Voicent's software to also test the services of a VoIP provider?

VoIP phone service is not expensive. With a monthly subscription you can get virtually unlimited calling to a specific area or even worldwide. Even with a pay-as-you-go plan, VoIP calls cost pennies--or even fractions of a penny--per minute.

Premium VoIP service includes useful VoIP features, as well as faster, higher-quality connections.

Below, you will find two choices for VoIP phone service providers you can use to test Voicent software.
NOTE: You don't have to use either Callcentric or SkypeConnect in order to use Voicent software. These are just two of the many services available on the market today.

However, we've found that Callcentric and SkypeConnect are easy to use and have free or low-cost plans that allow for easy, inexpensive testing.

Which one should you choose for your test? In general:

Choose Callcentric if you only need service for one or two lines (in VoIP they are called channels). Callcentric has limited scalability, so it may not be the right choice for you if you are going to need a lot of lines.

Choose SkypeConnect, Skype's business-level service, if you expect to need numerous lines.

Click on either of the two links above to learn more or to create an account. Once you choose, you can have your test up and running in minutes.