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Appointment Reminder

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Why should I use it?

Automated appointment reminders are more reliable because there is less chance of human error. Also, automation frees your staff of hours spent tracking appointments, dialing phones, waiting for answers, and leaving messages. Those hours can now be spent doing more important work.

Can appointments be confirmed using AutoReminder?

Yes, when a live person answers, they can press a key to automatically confirm their appointment. They can also press another key to cancel or to speak to a receptionist in your office.

Can the system be used as an appointment scheduler?

Yes, AutoReminder appointment reminder software includes an intuitive calendar for appointment setting and re-scheduling. No extra steps are needed to schedule a reminder call when you schedule an appointment. The software will automatically schedule the reminder call.

Can I personalize messages?

Yes, AutoReminder software includes a Message Designer for message personalization. For example, with Text to Speech, the autodialer can play "Hi Bob, ..." for Bob and "Hi Mary, ..." for Mary, making your call more personal and more effective.

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Appointment Reminder Features

  • Easy download and setup in 10 minutes
  • Works on any Windows desktop or laptop
  • Supports VoIP SIP, IP PBX systems, and/or analog phone line
  • Touch-tone response for appointment confirmation, cancellation, reschedule, leaving voice messages or live call transfer
  • Distinguish live human pickup, answering machine, voicemail, disconnect, busy line, no line, no answer
  • Automatic retries for busy line or unanswered calls
  • Personalized voice reminder message can be your own recording, system voice messages or computer generated voices
  • Message Designer can personalize each reminder message by combining your voice recording, system voice messages and text-to-speech voices
  • Generate detailed real-time call report
  • Plays different messages for answering machine vs. live human pickup
  • Schedules calls in advance for daily, weekly, and monthly recurring calls
  • Live call transfer to office phone, cell phone or even computer IP soft phone for immediate attention
  • Easy-to-use features and many other appointment scheduling features
  • Support multiligual Text to Speech (computer generated voice)
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • Automatic SMS Text Message Reminder with confirmation
  • Automatic Email Reminder with confirmation
  • Password protected access in a multi-user environment
  • Shared appointment database for multiple user accounts and multiple office locations
  • Multi-user, multi-line system for group medical offices and hospital deployment
  • Supports multiple simultaneous reminder calls
  • Unlimited scalability/call capacity using cloud-based technology
  • Color coded scheduler for multiple users or departments
  • Individualized reminder message and display filters
  • Command line interface for program integration (for developers)
  • HTTP/web interface for program integration (for developers)
  • Manage appointments from any networked computer