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Text Message Software That Might Be Just What You Need.

From the most basic hand held cellular phones to the most extravagant feature-full smartphones and those 160-character messages exchanged on mobile phones makes text messaging the least common denominator for information distribution and for sending out mobile promos and other incentives driving consumers to bricks-and-mortar retail stores.

Now consumers do not need smartphones or exclusive data plans to sign up for alerts or receive an offer. Underserved sections of the population can also be reached by just using SMS, especially in terms of Internet access and other information delivery mechanisms.

Put simply, the key benefit of text to retailers is the ubiquity of SMS — which nearly 100 percent of mobile phones can support — and the high likelihood of text messages being read soon after receipt.

Since most consumers keep their mobile phone always on and have their mobile phone within reach, this would make them easily respond to retailers’ discount offers, new product announcements and other calls-to-action anytime and anywhere, merely by sending a text message. One good benefit of text messages is the two-way communication that is achieved with the general population.

Certainly, text messages nowadays offers a simple and effective way to interconnect with consumers when they are in the progression of making a buying decision, keeping them up-to-date on sales and new products or driving them to the point of sale with mobile coupons. This opens the door for retailers to re-market to opted-in consumers by sending them targeted and relevant messaging that adds value by providing incentives for participation

Voicent’s BroadcastBySMS – a good text message software

With the help of this text message software you can customize messages you want to send from small to large groups.  BroadcastBySMS is an automated text message software with two way interactive communications between the computer software and the person who receive the text message. No other bulk text message software enables you to automatically and interactively collect and process responses from receipients.

The following below are the main key feature of the said text message software:

  • It is very easy to download and setup in 10 minutes
  • It works on any Windows desktop or laptop
  • It also works well with your own text messaging plan, though it required a GSM based service provide (in U.S., AT&T or T-Mobile)
  • You can send bulk text messages with a single click
  • It has easy-to-use spreadsheet user interface
  • Also have call list import and export
  • You can report real-time call status with time stamp
  • It allows recipient to send response back and displayed in the status column

With and enterprise edition of this text message software you get the following feature:

  • Remote access, works on the server computer or remote computer
  • Contact list database sharing among computers
  • Developer feature: Command line interface


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