Voicent Gateway

Voice XML Gateway

VoiceXML 2-Way SMS Platform and Application


VoiceXML 2-Way SMS Platform and Application

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VoiceXML is the W3C's standard XML format for specifying interactive voice dialogues between a human and a computer. It allows voice applications to be developed and deployed in an analogous way to HTML for visual applications.

VoiceXML Gateway

This is the server software or system that actually interprets VoiceXML files, the same way as a web server interprets HTML files. VoiceXML gateway handles all the lower level telephony issues, automatically converts text to speech and recognizes voice commands.

SMS Gateway

This is the server software or system that handles SMS or text messages. It interfaces with software applications to send and receive test messages.

Voicent Gateway

Voicent Gateway is a voiceXML gateway and SMS Gateway combined. In addition, it contains outbound call and text message scheduler and an easy-to-use GUI Designer tool.

Gateway & Text-to-Speech

A flexible gateway system interacts with a caller using many dynamically generate content, such as the balance on a bank account. In order to have the information played back to the caller, the text information must be converted to voice/speech by a text-to-speech engine.

Conversational and Interactive

Voicent Gateway recognizes your voice over the telephone and carries out your commands accordingly. It can also read any text, such as email messages, to you over the phone, and it also accepts input (DTMF tones) from your telephone's numeric keypad.

High-Level Programming

With Voicent Gateway, voice applications can be developed rapidly using VoiceXML, a high level programming language that does for voice what HTML does for visual content. You do not need to worry about the lower level details of telephony programming, which is already taken care of by the gateway

Inbound and Outbound Calls

Voicent Gateway is capable of handling inbound and outbound telephone calls. Outbound calls are perfect for setting up interactive alert notifications, such as rescheduling during the current call.

Voicent Gateway

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VoiceXML 2-Way SMS Platform and Application

Voicent Gateway: Pricing

Outbound Edition

1 Line $1,800 Buy Gateway
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Inbound Edition

1 Line $1,800 Buy Gateway
Add $450 per line Buy Gateway
Upgrade $349 per line Buy Gateway


Upgrade to latest release 1st line $349 Buy Gateway
Upgrade to latest release 2nd line+ $99 Buy Gateway