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The Use of Text Marketing

For text marketing users, one thing hasn’t changed in the digital age: you need to handle your brand with utmost importance. In today’s world of budget cuts and scrutiny, the best way to ensure your own success is to have an air-tight business case like text marketing. And thus you need to be willing to stand behind it.

This brings us to common short codes (CSCs), the five to six digit numbers that power SMS marketing campaigns. When purchasing a CSC, either get a dedicated code, one absolutely for your use, or share a code with  anyone else who wants it. In comparing the two, it’s easy to see the paybacks of having total governance, especially if you’re running between regional and national campaigns.

Best method to use for text marketing campaigns

Your code is part of your brand in SMS messaging. CSCs help you sustain a two-way customer dialogue as part of text marketing campaigns.  Your code symbolizes your brand; in fact it is your brand. In the long run, loyal customers will associate the number with your company, just as they do your logo, your corporate colors and so on.

You don’t gain the same exposure when using a shared code. Typically, a text marketing provider leases a common short code and then sub-leases it to numerous organizations. A pet shop or car wash shop might share your CSC, tempering both your exposure and brand value.

You alone control how the code is used with a dedicated code. Competitions, discount offers and coupons or to disseminate information about your products and brand, it’s all yours to promote. You also have the ability to ensure regulatory compliance is implemented.

That’s not the case when you share a code. If carriers have disputes with anyone using the code – if they have issues with offers or text marketing practices – they may shut it down entirely and poof, there goes your campaign.

When you send notifications, alerts or account information, consumers need to know the information is coming from you, this MUST BE CONSIDERED ALL THE TIME. A dedicated code eliminates any misperception. No one else can use it to reach your customer base.

Featuring Voicent’s BroadcastBySMS

BroadcastBySMS is automated text marketing sending software with two way interactive communications between the computer software and the person who receive the text message. It can also be used to send customized messages to small or large groups. Just as few as 3 easy steps in sending text marketing message then, spontaneously collect and process individual responses.

Text marketing messages are immediate and personal, less intrusive than a call to a cell phone. That’s why texting has become the planet’s single most popular way to interconnect—surpassing even telephone calls!

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