How to set up Voicent Software

First Step: Choose a Service

After downloading Voicent software, you’ll need to do a few things before you can get up and running. First, make sure you have a SIP/VOIP service you can use to make some calls. We recommend checking out:

If you don’t have a VOIP service, or don’t know what VOIP is, or just want a more complete listing of VOIP providers, read this
Phone Setup Guide.

Second Step: Setup a Service

Once you’ve chosen your SIP/VOIP service then you’ll need to setup our software. Here’s our
SIP/VOIP setup article.

If you’re having trouble entering your credentials into our software you can try testing it with a softphone.

Third Step: Make Some Calls

After getting your VOIP service integrated with our software, you can start making test calls. Try running your first Auto Dialer campaign, or setting up an Auto Attendant for receiving inbound calls.

Last Step: Become a Pro

After you’ve managed to make a test call, it’s probably best that you become familiar with the software. Take a look at our Auto Dialer, Predictive Dialer, and Agent Dashboard tutorials to learn how you can manage your communications easier. Visit our tutorials directory to see more.