How to setup an answering service

When you are setting up an answering service, you normally have a many incoming phone numbers for your clients. The main issue is how to tell which client’s phone number is called so you can say the proper greetings.

The normal CRM screen popup is not going to work for this situation. That’s because the information displayed is about the caller, not the called company. It is also important to keep this information so you know who is actually calling. To solve this problem, you can use an incoming phone number (DID) triggered script popup. Here are the steps to set this up.

1. Define a Campaign Script

Select Setup, Campaign, Script from the main menu. Click the Add button.

2. Specify the Script for an Incoming Phone Number

Select Setup, PBX, IVR App from the main menu. Click the Edit button.

Go all the way to the bottom of the page, under Popup Script section, select the script, and click Save.

3. Repeat for Each Client

Once set, when a customer calls a particular phone number, the Agent Dashboard will display the caller as well as the script.

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Direct transfer incoming calls to agent

Please note starting from 10.7.3 release, you can set up direct transfer without using IVR Studio. All you need to do is to select “Press Nothing” when you define your auto attendant.

The normal auto attendant is set up this way: a caller calls the main phone number, hears a general greeting, and presses a key to be connected to an gent or a department. Agents are assigned to different extensions, and they all share the same main incoming phone number.

Many organizations also want to assign each agent a dedicated phone number. When customers call the phone number, it is better to directly connect to the assigned agent. This can be setup in Voicent by setting up a Voicent IVR app for the incoming phone number. The following are the steps:

1. Download and install Voicent IVR Studio

If you are using our cloud service, go to the app portal, select Setup, Download from the main menu. Then download and install Voicent IVR Studio.

If the software is complaining about no Voicent gateway is running on localhost. Please select Deploy, Manage gateways… from the main menu. Then select “Use Voicent Hosted Service”. Restart the program.

2. Create an IVR app

Create an inbound call app, add a transfer element/node as follows. The transfer node assumes john is the agent login name.

Your IVR app should look like the following:

Save the app. Then click the deploy button on the tool bar.

Setup the IVR app for the Incoming Phone Number

Now you have the app deployed. Go to the app portal, select Setup, PBX, IVR App from the main menu. Choose the phone number listed, click the Edit button. There you can choose the IVR app for certain date and time.

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Sample IVR Phone Survey

Voicent IVR Studio is the most complex tool on our platform. It is actually a full developer tool with support for programming. However, most phone survey apps are not that complicated and there is no need to learn the full scope of the tool.

The basic concept (no programming) of the tool is covered in the first chapter of IVR Tutorial.

The following sample IVR app is a simple 3 question survey. You can take it as your starting point for your app.

To download the sample app, click below:

Outbound Phone Survey Sample
Inbound Phone Survey Sample

How to handle wrong key and repeat the question?

If someone presses key 9 instead of the specified range 1 – 5, the system will play back some default message. If you want to change the prompt, you can add a go to element/node to handle that situation. The following is the updated call flow.

The Repeat Message node is defined as follows:

How to build a survey with tree-like questions and answers?

If your survey is a little more complicated, you can easily add branches to your survey. For example, with the sample survey, if someone presses 1 to Q1, you can ask a different set of questions. The updated call flow should look like below:

You can download the second version here.
Inbound Phone Survey Sample Version 2

For IVR text survey samples, please see here. Please also note we offer full app design service. If you are interested, please contact our sales.

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