Setup & Configuration

The first step to utilizing Voicent’s software is to get a license. After making a purchase of one or more products, you can download our software and request a license.

Voicent Software integrates with most major VOIP providers by entering some simple information. To learn how to put this information into our software, read this SIP Setup Article that walks you through each step.
You can also look through our SIP Setup Category to find your specific service provider. Voicent Software is also compatible with most IP-based PBX extensions, simply enter the login credentials provided by your PBX system. Read more about how to use your PBX extensions with Voicent software in this PBX Setup article.

Voicent software can integrate with a number of email service providers by entering some simple information. You’ll need to collect a few credentials: username, password, server, and port. Read this Email Setup article to see how to enter these credentials into our software.

If you’re running to any issues with your Voicent software, we suggest reading our SIP Troubleshooting Guide as well as our Network Troubleshoot Guide in order to diagnose what the source of your trouble is.