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Setup SkypeConnect VOIP Account

If you use Skype to make phone calls on your computer, you are using the regular Skype, not SkypeConnect. The regular Skype has call limitations and is not suitable for automated calling softwares like Voicent. In addition to its regular service, Skype offers SkypeConnect, a SIP based service for automated dialing. You need to use SkypeConnect for Voicent Softwares.

Voicent software can be configured to use SkypeConnect directly without invoking the Skype softphone. This allows multiple channel simultaneous calls, easy configurations, and call optimization. Voicent can support as many channels as SkypeConnect allows.

To sign up for SkypeConnect and configure Voicent software to use it, please follow the steps described below:

Step 1: Create a Skype Manager Account

Visit Skype Manager to register a Skype Manager account (this includes Skype Connect). Fill in the information it asks for then proceed to verify your email. Once you have verified your email, your account should be fully registered and you should be able login to your dashboard. Please do so. The dashboard is shown below.

Step 2: Allocate Funds for Outbound Calling

You are also going to need to purchase Skype credit for outbound calls if you are going to use Voicent outbound products. To do this, travel to the Dashboard page and on the top right hand corner you should see your credit balance and a button that says Buy Skype Credit. As followed in the image below. For your convenience, channels are $6.95 each, so you can purchase Skype credits accordingly.

Follow the steps to purchase Skype Credits. You can either purchase through Paypal or Bank Transfer.

Step 3: Setup your Skype Connect Account

Once you have finished adding Skype Credit to your account, you can now setup your Skype Connect account. To do this you need to travel to the Features tab, which is shown below.

Now from the Features tab, you need to click the Skype Connect, which is shown below.

Now click Set up a SIP Profile to create a new SIP profile. Now you should have traveled to the page where you pick a profile name. For this tutorial I will type Voicent Office #1 in the box. Please note you can type any profile name you want, I’d suggest creating a profile name that fits your company accordingly. Your screen should look like the image below.

Now you can press Next.

Now you need to choose the number of channels you need. For each Voicent line, you need one channel. If you want to make 24 simultaneous calls, you need 24 channels. For this tutorial I will purchase 1 channel. After you have chosen your channels, click Buy Now.

Once you have clicked Buy Now you should have reached a confirmation page saying your
SIP profile has been created. Below that it gives you your SIP User, password, Skype connect address, and UDP port. For security purposes, Skype sends your SIP password in an email.

Step 4: Configuring your Voicent Gateway

If you have release 8 or later select Setup > Phone Setup Wizard Hit Next > Choose “A VOIP Service” (Internet Phone Service) > Tick SkypeConnect. Now fill in your SkypeConnect SIP Username and password that was given to you after you clicked Buy Now in Step 3. You should be at the following screen now.

Now once you have filled in your SkypeConnect SIP username and password hit Next and then click Finish.

Please note, you need to use your own SIP account information

Congratulations! You have successfully setup SkypeConnect with Voicent Software.

The following video shows the whole process.


Please email Voicent support if you have further questions.

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