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Analog Phone FAQs

What is PTSN? Stands for Public Switched Telephone Network. Traditionally, it is the fixed-line or landline analog telephone network. What is a voice gateway? A networked device that connects the PSTN network and an IP/VOIP network. It basically bridges voice … Continue reading

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How To Connect Your Cisco SPA3102 Voice Gateway to Your Computer

Step 1: Connect Network Cable Disconnect the network cable from your computer and connect it to your SPA3102’s INTERNET port. Step 2: Connect Ethernet Cable Take the Ethernet network cable included with your SPA3102 and connect one end to the … Continue reading

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How to Setup Voicent Software with Analog Phone Lines

Many phone services are provided through a physical analog telephone line (RJ-11 telephone cable). These services include the traditional landline and extension lines from older PBX systems. They also include VOIP services that provide only analog access, such as MagicJack, … Continue reading

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