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Automated Customer Service Survey

Hello, I’d like the option to send customers to an automated customer service survey if they agree to it at the end of our calls.  Would Voicent be able to do this for me with our current phone system?

Yes, absolutely. The follow is an article about how to set it up.

How to setup an inbound phone survey

For deployment, you can get a dedicated incoming phone number from our cloud service. Deploy the survey app to that phone number as shown in the article.

Now, once your customer agrees to take the survey, your agent can simply transfer the call to that dedicated phone number.

Please note that we also offer on-premise software, which is the same one runs on our cloud service. With this option, you can configure the software to answer calls from your current phone system, such as a dedicated extension. Once a call is transferred to that extension, the automated phone survey can kick in. Please also note setting up the on premise software takes more work than just using our cloud service.

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