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Configure Inbound Call Center

In order for people to call your call center, you will need inbound call center features, such as a dedicated telephone number, phone lines to handle simultaneous calls, voice mail, auto attendant, extensions, call distribution , advanced IVR app, etc. We normally refer a call center as a blended call center when both outbound features (out bound dialers) and inbound features are used together.

To enable inbound features for your cloud account, first add the following feature: Inbound Call Center With Phone Number ($15) to your subscription plan.

Then you need to decide how many concurrent incoming calls you may have in peak time. For example, if your busiest time is the beginning of the day and you normally have 10 people call you at 8 am, then you will need to add at least 9 Inbound voice channels ($7) to your plan. (If there are more people call you at the same time than the number of available channels, the extra calls will hear busy tones)

You do not need to have an agent for each channel. This is where the auto attendant feature can help. For example, if you have 3 agents answer incoming calls and you got 10 concurrent calls, the system will put the extra calls in a queue. The caller will hear music while waiting.

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