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Multiple language IVR

I am using ivr studio with broadcast by phone. I need a multiple language option. with the ability for the person receiving the call to press a number transferred to an english operator and if the message is being played in spanish a different number to be transferred to a spanish operator. How is this done in IVR?

This is similar to the multiple language sample application. You can open the sample from IVR Studio’s Library menu.

The only difference is that in the sample application, after a person pressed a key for English or Spanish, the audio file of the selected language is played. In your case, you need to do a call transfer instead of play a pre-recorded audio file.

1. Delete the nodes labeled English and Spanish
2. Right click on the node labeled Select Language, from the popup menu, select Add new element, and then select Transfer element. Give it a name like “English Operator”, specify the key for “touch tone key response is”, and enter the phone number for “transfer the call to phone number”.
3. Repeat step 2 to add a transfer element for the Spanish operator

The Touch tone key response is refers to the key press entered after the system executed the Select Language element. For example, if the message asks the person to press 1 for English, and press 2 for Spanish, specify 1 for the English Operator, and 2 for the Spanish Operator.

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