Notification of sales or forms

Question: Is there a way where when a “sale” is made… the data for that record is forwarded via email to a designated email? I’d like to “collect” information on records where the call was successful. Also is there a template where information can be entered by the agent on the script? or any forms at all that can be forwarded to a designated email?

There are couple of ways you can do that in our platform. Here are just a few suggestions.

Use Voicent CRM to track your sales

CRM is designed for tracking sales from lead stages all the way to the closed sales stage. If you simply want to record all the sales made during the phone call, ask your agent to create a potential by clicking the plus sign in the popup screen.

Please also note you can customize the popup Potential screen by go to the main menu, Setup, Potential, Default Value.

The advantage of this approach is that you can easily search any closed sales, generate sales reports, and avoid manual emailing process.

But if you do need to keep track of the sales in your email or other system (like your accounting system), then the next choice is our workflow system.

Use Voicent workflow

The workflow is an advanced business process automation system. It is an optional feature on the cloud platform. The basic usage is to use “triggers” to automate certain tasks. For example, when a contact is changed from any category to the “Customer” category, you can automatically trigger an email or a phone call. Actually you can do even more when an event is triggered. For example, you can also automatically send a survey email after 3 days of the purchase.

To set up workflow triggers, please go to Setup, Workflow, trigger.

Use Custom Button

(If you are not a developer, ignore this section.)

You can also use custom button in the screen pop to send HTTP post to a web form. The POST parameters will contain all the name value pairs of the contact record.

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Agent Dashboard font size too small

One some high resolution computer display, the screen popup page and CRM pages may display very small text. Since these pages used an embedded Internet Explorer, the font size is not controlled by Agent Dashboard program.

To change the text size, please follow the following steps:

A. Open Internet Explorer.
If the IE icon is not displayed, type in “Internet Explorer” in the Windows search to open it.

B. Click on the “Tools” menu from the menu bar, then select “Internet Options”.
C. The “Internet Options” window will then pop up, click on the “Accessibility” button located at bottom right corner.
D. In the “Accessibility” window, select “Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages”

Exit Agent Dashboard, and you should have the correct text size.

There are other methods that you can try to change the font size. Please simply google the topic and you should find many suggestions.

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Call center for appointment setting

Here are typical requirements for a cell center to do appointment setting:

  • Agents make outbound calls using predictive dialer
  • Appointment is set for people who is interested in the product or service
  • Appointment reminder calls are made for upcoming appointments

With Voicent’s cloud service, all these can be accomplished seamlessly. If you are new to the service, here are the typical steps to set the call center up and running.

Upload Contact List

Get your customer information in a CSV format, go to Contact, then select Import. For each column in your import file, you need to choose the corresponding fields in Voicent CRM. Many fields are automatically matched. You can also choose ignore a column.

A common question is what to do if there is no corresponding fields in Voicent CRM. The answer is to use custom field. To define custom field, go to the Setup menu, choose Contact, Custom Field.

Predictive Dialer

The following is a youtube video for start a predictive dialer.

Start a predictive dialer campaign

Note: if you are still on trial account, you can skip the steps of setting up agent and manager. Use admin and your password to login to Agent Dashboard.

Setting Appointment

Many of our customers use Google Calendar to manage their appointments. During the call, agents can copy paste customer’s CRM info to google calendar.

If agent needs to send text message to customer about the appointment info, such as your address and time, you can do so by clicking the text message button. You can even create message template to make it super easy for the agent.

Appointment Reminder Calls

It is important to have appointment reminder calls. Doctor offices do that because people do forget. Many of our customers will simply export next days appointment from Google calendar, import it to Voicent as a separate list, and then start an auto dialer campaign for that list. The message can be simply “you have an appointment with so and so tomorrow, please press 1 to confirm, or press 2 to talk to our agent to reschedule”.

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