Incoming call handling when an agent is busy

When outbound dialing in preview / click to dial can the agent still receive inbound calls i.e. are they blended?

Yes, though the behavior is different based on different transfer mode. If it is a queued transfer and an agent is busy, the caller will hear on-hold music till the agent answers the phone. If it is a direct transfer, it will go to the agent’s voice mail.

The transfer mode is set when you create your incoming call app (auto attendant or IVR app)

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Handling Agent Turn Over in a Call Center

We have quite a high turnover working in sales – our current dialler is set up with individual lists for each agent. If an agent leaves we would like to evenly distribute their leads out to the remaining agents – is this functionality available in your dialler?

Yes. Actually, with Voicent’s built-in CRM, it is really easy to manage your call list. The list management goes well beyond a dialer can do.

First, you can easily find all the contacts that are assigned to a particular agent by doing a simple search. Once you have the search result, you can do a mass operation to delete these contacts or assign them to different a different agent.

Because this is a search based operation, you could find a sub-list based on some criteria. For example, you can find contacts that are assigned to an agent AND are residents of a particular state. You can then assign this sub-list to an agent.


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How can I link my predictive campaign to my phone

A new customer on our cloud platform asked us a question: How can I link my predictive campaign to my phone? We were a little confused at first. We told him the software does not use his phone, it calls out to the customer list through our phone system. That answer seemed to make it more confusing for him.

It turned out that he was used to some old predictive dialer software where he must call in to the system in order to talk to customers. Some system would still show screen popup for the customer record, but the phone connections are completely separate. This type of technology was pretty popular about ten years ago when internet connection is not reliable and VOIP is just started. One big problem for that type of system is the you must call in to the system and stay connected all the time.

For Voicent predictive dialer, the screen popup and telephone audio are all handled on your computer. The software to use is Agent Dashboard, which you can use to make and receive phone calls, transfer, conference, record, and voicemail drop. Normally agent will use a USB computer headset (hands-free) to talk to customers.

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