Outbound Prospecting

What happens when the inbound marketing do not get you the leads to meet your quota? You have to utilize outbound prospecting.

Cold emailing or calling can be a daunting task. However, outbound marketing/sales is extremely similar to inbound marketing/sales. For outbound success, you have to do your research, i.e. to understand who you are reaching out to and why he will care. Before emailing or calling, make sure you answer the question Why you, and Why now.

The best places for research are the companies’ and employees’ LinkedIn page. Most of the LinkedIn pages should contain the person’s current job and title. Find out what matters to them and their past affiliation. Check company’s website, the about us page and management team.

To increase your chance, follow-up is extremely important. That’s where a integrated system like Voicent can make your effort more efficient. The whole process of engagement can be fully defined, tracked, and reminded automatically in the platform. It is also important to have a system that is capable of contacting a large number of prospects automatically.

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Setup Voicent with DiamondCard

Step 1: Setup a DiamondCard Account
In order to successfully setup DiamondCard’s SIP Service with Voicent, you must first register and order their services. You can visit their site here. Once you have an account you can proceed to obtaining your SIP credentials. You need to collect the SIP ID, domain, and password.

Step 2: Configure Voicent with DiamondCard
For the account setup, please follow the image below. To get to this window open the Voicent Software > Setup > Options > SIP > Add. Here we assume you have 456789 as your SIP ID.

Fill in the information based on the data you gathered from Step 1:
Display Name: The name you want to display in the account
SIP ID/User ID: This is your Vonage SIP/Authorization ID
Domain: This is your Vonage Registrar information
Authorization User: This is your Vonage SIP/Authorization ID
Password: This is your Vonage SIP Password (not your account password!)

I’ll use the following SIP credentials:
Display Name: My Name
SIP ID/User ID: sip:456789@sipdiamondcard.us
Domain: sip.diamondcard.us
Authorization User: 456789
Password: Your SIP password

Other Relevant Information
You must use a STUN server if the gateway computer and the service is separated by a router. In most cases, you need to specify the STUN server. Some service providers, like DiamondCard, do not have their own STUN server, you must use a public one like stunserver.org.

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Setup Voicent Software with Viatalk

To setup Viatalk with Voicent, you need to configure the SIP settings based on Viatalk’s softphone settings.

Step 1: Enable SIP within your Viatalk Account
1. Login to your Viatalk account here.
2. From the main menu, under the Advanced section, choose Softphone Configuration, then select Xten
3. Make sure Enabled is set to Yes.

Step 2: Setup Voicent with Viatalk
Open the Voicent Software > Setup > Options > SIP tab, add the following SIP account based on your account info listed above:

Please replace the SIP ID with your actual SIP ID that Viatalk has given you.

Please note that Viatalk does not support DTMF tones (touch tones), so if your application requires people to press a key to do something, Viatalk is not going to work for you. You need to use a different VoIP service. But if you are using predictive dialing, it should be fine. You can look for alternatives here.

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