Benefits of Sales Automation for Lead Management

On an unprecedented level, running a business that requires labor intensive and high volume sales and marketing campaigns can lead to potentially overwhelming the  organisation’s ability to exert their maximum potential. As this does not help in any way in achieving business goals, there is a plethora of ways that we can execute to avoid this, hence maximizing your organization’s potential.

Through the help of streamlining your business procedures through sales automation tools, you can focus on generating high quality leads, boosting customer relationship, and at the same time, making your employees happier at work. This can help triple your agents’ productivity level, save time, improve your reporting and sales forecast, and more importantly, increase sales rate—overall improving your outbound sales strategy.

Moreover, through sales automation, generating insights for your business can be done easier and in no time. Understanding insights into your customer behavior brings an important impact to every business. Through this way, you can identify how you can continuously improve and evolve your business strategies.

Capabilities of the Voicent Sales Automation Software

Our Voicent Sales Automation Software is our solution that covers all these. A powerful tool that focuses on generating sales leads and so much more, it functions to track deals, automatically add deals to agents, and measure agent performance.

  • This tool can send personalised sales messages through its built-in message designer, send messages in other languages through our multilingual text-to-speech function, and record interactions.
  • Our sales automation software utilizes its powerful built-in CRM by integrating it to your website to collect more data on your leads. This can be done by building web forms in the Voicent Call Center software. To learn on how to create web forms, follow the steps here so you can quickly deploy lead collection mechanisms without coding the entire process yourself.
  • Integrating the Voicent Sales Automation technology with our lead management tools allow us to get the most of customer/lead interactions with software and websites. Workflow Triggers, Landing URLs, and Workflow Progress. This way, it adds value to your business by allowing your agents to be more proactive with their engagements.
  • To further boost proactivity, your can check our previous article on Outbound Sales and how our Outbound Sales Tools to optimize their productivity.
  • Interested to explore on how you can maximize sales automation to boost your business? Drop us a line here and let us help you out.

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How to Stay in Compliance with the TCPA Regulations when Using Auto Dialers

Since the introduction of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) law, it is vital to understand that automated telephone dialing systems that play pre-recorded messages to consumers for sales purposes, especially to cell phones, are prohibited in the US by the TCPA law. In effect, auto dialing for sales and lead generations in the US have been subjected with major restrictions and deterred operations of some businesses.

Recent rules also allows phone companies to block robo calls without the consent of consumers. There are also more apps available to block robo calls.

Nevertheless, this should not hinder on how businesses can utilize the power of auto dialers and outbound calls. Hence, this guide runs down a number of effective ways on how businesses that require auto dealing services can stay compliant with the TCPA regulations.

1. Depending on the nature of your business, may it require marketing and sales automation, audio encoding, or phone surveys to name a few, a written consent may be required for telemarketing campaigns. These include messages that advertise or encourage customers to purchase your products. Otherwise, messages that aim to inform non-commercially fall under non-telemarketing campaigns. While it is not imperative for the latter, a written consent may be useful in many ways.

2. Create your consent forms as clear and comprehensible as possible to prevent from future liabilities. It is important that the consent forms states that it covers up to four years in effectivity. Make sure it coherently says that the consumer gives permission to receive any form of auto dialing communications. The consent form should primarily include the phone number which is agreed to be called, callees’ written/electronic signatures, a statement that states the potential clients are not required to give consent as a result of buying goods or services.

3. Requiring opt out mechanism is a must. The Federal Communications Commissions  has declared that consumers may revoke consent any time through any possible way. An instruction on how to stop receiving communications should be detailed. This covers how clients can unsubscribe, cancel, or stop any further communications possible.

Reminder: We at Voicent cannot in any way give out legal advices that concern call center software solutions. We strongly recommend that seeking legal assistance with full understanding of the federal and state laws is vitally important in protecting your business and steering clear of potential TCPA liabilities.

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Calling phone number with extensions

I wanted to know how to utilize your software with an extension? For example, if I wanted to call (999) 999-9999 at extension 101 how would that be entered into the CRM data to accurately auto dial the customer and extension?

With normal outbound calling campaigns, this cannot be done. The reason is that the dialer will first detect whether a call is answered by a human or machine. If it is a machine, it will try to wait for the beep to lease a voice message (or skip the machine if no audio is defined for the campaign).

The software is actually capable of entering extension numbers after a call is connected. So for special situations, such as you know the target phone system you are calling, then you can use the automated dialer to handle extensions. For example, we have customers using our dialer (with IVR app to enter extension number) to test their own phone system. We have a couple of blog articles describe these special situations. But for general purpose, calling phone number with extensions will not work (they will be treated as machine, but won’t be able to leave a message).

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