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Auto dialer to instantly connect without a delay

Hello, I am looking for an autodialer to use with 4 reps. I also need the autodialer to instantly connect without a delay when the prospect picks up.

The dialer names are loosely used and sometimes deliberately misused by some companies. So here are definitions for various call center dialers:

1. Autodialer is an automatic dialer that delivers pre-recorded messages. It is also called voice broadcaster. The dialer is capable of collecting touch tone feedback and it is used often for press-1 campaigns.

2. Predictive dialer is also an automatic dialer. Unlike the autodialer, it does not play a pre-recorded message when a call is answered. If it is answered by a live human, the call is instantly transferred to an agent. If it is answered by a machine, the dialer can either disconnect or automatically leaves a message. A predictive dialer normally dials out on multiple lines per agent since it can handle machine answers automatically.

Predictive dialer has to detect whether a call is a live human or machine. This is done by analyzing the incoming phone audio and thus will have some delay (about 1 second). This delay is normally not a problem as long as your agent speaks immediately when he is connected. Our software also allows options to fine tune the detection time. For certain campaigns, you can completely turn off the detection so the agent is connected instantly whenever a call is answered.

3. Progress dialer is a semi-automatic dialer. It automatically dials from a list one by one. An agent is listening on the phone line all the time, including the time before a call is answered. A progress dialer uses a single line.

4. Preview dialer is also a progress dialer except it gives an agent a preview time to decided whether to make the call.

The good news is that our cloud service has all dialers included. Further more, all have built-in CRM.

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