Screen Pop with External URL

It is normally really easy to do a screen pop with an external URL, such as a link to a contact’s page in a CRM or any info page in an inhouse app. In almost all cases, these URLs contain dynamic information, such as the ID of a contact in your CRM system.

This can be set up using the following steps:

1. Create a custom field in Voicent CRM

From Voicent CRM, go to the Setup, Contact, Custom Field page, to add one. Say it is called “myid”.

2. Import Your Contact List

Import your data and make sure to include the myid field

3. Setup Screen Pop URL

In the popup URL (setup, account, screen popup page), use either ${myid} or ${__VG__CUSTOMER__.myid} depending on the version. You should be able to experiment with either value to see which one is correct. For example, suppose the actual URL is like:

where 12345 is myid, then use${myid}

in the settings page.

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Caller ID: SIP advanced settings

In general, the caller ID display for outbound calls are controlled by the SIP message sent from Voicent software and/or your SIP phone service. Many services assign caller IDs to your account or SIP trunk. These caller IDs are set regardless of the SIP message (INVITE message) sent from Voicent software. This is especially true now when SHAKEN/STIR is activated by law.

In the cases that your SIP services allow dynamically setting caller ID for outbound calls, you can use the follow 3 options to control the caller ID display. Different services use different method, so experiment with the option to see which one works. The following setting can be accessed from Voicent App, Setup, Option menu. Choose the SIP account, click Edit, then click the Advanced button.

1. Sip service uses P-Asserted-Identity

Select this one if your SIP service uses P-Asserted-Identity. Once set, calls made from Voicent software will have your selected caller ID value set for this field.

2. Sip service uses display name as caller ID
3. Sip service uses SIP ID as caller ID

The FROM field of an SIP INVITE message will be composed differently based on this setting. The standard format for the FROM field is ["display name"] [SIP ID]@[sip domain]. If the SIP ID field is used for caller ID and the caller ID is 16505551212, for example, then the FROM field will be like “John Doe” 16505551212@

Again, please note the ultimate control of caller ID display is controlled by your phone service. These settings are used to help your service provider to identify the correct caller Id. It will work only if your service provider support setting caller ID from the sip message.

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Advanced list criteria

In rare cases, a campaign can be marked as Finished when the list is not completed. This is a system problem and you should open a ticket to report it.

Unfortunately, the campaign marked as Finished cannot be resumed.

There is a workaround to call the remaining contacts on the list.

  1. Go to the Campaign summary page, click the Campaign Details button
  2. Click Mass Update button, choose an unused field, for example, Contact Status, set it to “Contacted“. Do the update
    This step marks the contacts already called by this campaign as Contacted. The missing contacts will not be marked since they are not called and will not be in the campaign details page.
  3. Now you can run another campaign with the same list. At the first page, make sure to expand Advanced List Criteria
  4. Click the Add Group button, then select “Contact Status“, “Not Equals To“, “Contacted
    This setting tells the dialer to only call contacts in the list AND the Contact status is not marked in step 2.
  5. Continue as usual

Please note it is important to choose an unused field in step 2. The example above uses the Contact Status field. If it is used in some call disposition rule or maybe manually updated by agents, then you must choose a different field.

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