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Customize CRM for insurance sales

Every insurance sales agent needs help to get organized – a client contact management system to keep track of their clients and leads. With Voicent’s all-in-one solution for CRM and communication tools, most of the client engagements are tracked automatically. However, you can make the system even better by customizing the client record and display to your needs.

Generic Customer Info

The first place to customize is the custom information area. As you can see there are a lot of empty fields, most of which are not used by insurance sales. For example, the business name and job title. Though all the information is there if you click the scroll bar or expand the area, it will be much better if the most important fields are displayed at the top.

Add custom fields

The first thing to do is add custom fields, such as basic demographics and current policy number. To add these fields, go to Setup, Contact, Custom Field. Choose Edit, in the field name, we add “Age”, and set “Is Number” to true. Save it. Do the same to add “Policy Number”.

Import with custom fields

Once the custom fields are set, you can import/upload your contacts. In step 2 of the import wizard, make sure the select the target fields.

Customize the display area

Now, you can set up the customer information display area. You can hide certain fields and make certain fields to be displayed at the top.

To do so, select Setup, Contact, View. Click the Edit button. First unselect all fieds, then choose the display fields start from the most important one.

Now you will see the following customized display.

Customized customer display

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