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Cloud pricing (usage fee) explained

The usage fee on Voicent cloud is based on the connected minutes. The time starts from a call is answered, whether by human or machine, to the time the call is disconnected. Basically the call is charged based on connected time. Failed calls, line busy, etc are not billed.

One big money saving feature on Voicent cloud is the billing unit. Calls are not billed, or rounded up to the minute. We use 30/6 billing, which starts from 30 seconds and after that every 6 second.

Based on your call volume (purchased calling package), the per minute rate can be 4 cents (pay-as-you-go), 3 cents (2500 minute package), 2 cents (6500 minute package), and 1.5 cents (25,000 minute package).

The follow examples assumes you are using a 2 cents per minute package.

If you make a 45 second phone call, it will be billed as 30 second initial (1 cent) + 3 x 6 second (3 x 0.2 = 0.6 cents) = 1.6 cents.

If you make a 20 second phone call, it will be billed as 30 second = 1 cent.

This billing unit has huge impact for dialers when answering machines are skipped. It means calls answered by machine will mostly be billed not for a full minute but for half a minute.

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