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Local presence and dialers

Local presence enables inside sales reps to automatically dial using area codes of target prospects. Local presence dialers can normally improve call connection rates, because prospects tend to be far more likely to answer unknown calls from local numbers, rather than toll-free or long distance phone numbers. In addition, certain industries line insurance requires sales rep to have state license, thus making it important to have a local presence when contacting prospects.

With Voicent’s cloud solution, local presence can be achieved through various means.

First, you can set caller ID for a particular campaign. So if you are calling California, simply select a CA phone number for your campaign caller ID. This is an inexpensive option, caller ID is only $2 per month per number (you must own the phone number). But this option forces you to run different campaigns based on caller ID selection. If you are doing nationwide calling, this may not be feasible.

A more practical way is to set local presence dynamically based on the area code of the target phone number. For example, if the target number is 650 xxx-xxxx, and if you have a caller ID with 650 area code, then that caller ID is used. If you do not have a 650 caller ID in your account, then a certain 650 caller ID is automatically generated based on the rules you defined.

Please note the second option is only available in dedicated cloud account. A dedicated cloud account reserves a dedicated server just for your account, meaning you have full control of how the server is used and how the software is configured, from setting local presence to automated recording of all connected calls. The cost of a dedicated cloud account is your normal subscription fee plus server cost. The server cost starts from $300 per month and depends on the type of server your account requires. To convert your account from flex to dedicated, please open a support ticket.

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