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Manage Do Not Call List

We have used the old version of Voicent software (V.9.0.5) for years and it has recently become unusable due to the changes in Java. I need calls going out daily to our patient list. I have always made a .csv file list from our database and then within the voicent software been able to scrub that list against our Do Not Call list (internal list .csv) but do not see such functionality in Voicent Live . Can this be done with your software?

Yes, the software still manages Do Not Call list and should be much easier with the new version. But the process is very different.

First, all contacts, list, including do not call list, are managed in the build-in CRM, which can be treated as a one database containing all your contacts. For any records that have the Do Not Call check box checked, these records will be skipped for any calling campaigns automatically.

Here is what you do to manage your process:

1. Import the internal do not call list.
2. Select the imported list, select the Tool button, then Mass Update Search List, choose Do Not Call field and set to checked.

Now, every time you need to import a new list, simply make sure the merge option is “if existing field is empty”. What the system does is that if a phone number matches any Do Not call record, it will be merged with the existing record, thus the new list will not contain these Do No Call Record.

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