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Setup Localphone SIP Service With Voicent Software

Localphone is another SIP service that can be used with Voicent software.

Step 1: Sign up on Localphone
A nice feature of is that it gives you a free 5 minute phone call. It also gives a free incoming phone number. To sign up, please visit the Localphone website

Step 2: Obtain SIP Information
After you register, login to your account. On your dashboard you should see a button named Help in the navigation bar.

After you press Help, you should see a box entitled Your VoIP Settings in the bottom right corner, which includes your SIP ID, SIP Password, domain, and proxy (if you want to use one).

Step 3: Setup your SIP with Voicent
Now open your Voicent App (vapps) and travel to Setup > Options > SIP > Add. At this window you want to fill in your information accordingly.

Display Name – you pick
SIP ID/User ID – your SIP ID located under the “Help” section
Domain –
Authorization User – SIP ID
Password – your SIP Password located under the “Help” section

Your settings should be very similar to mine found below.

Press Ok and you’re done!

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