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Setting Up Texting: Required Materials

There’s a few things you’ll need before being able to fully setup texting through our software. First, you’ll need a texting plan through a GSM-based service provider (like AT&T or T-Mobile). Then, you’ll need a
SIM card and a
GSM modem.

SIM Card

SIM cards are usually distributed by your service provider when you purchase a calling/texting plan. If you already have a texting plan and you do not have a SIM card, contact your service provider and they can assist in providing you with one.

GSM Modem Setup

We recommend using
this GSM modem.
To get help with setting up a GSM modem, read this
GSM Modem Setup article.
If you plan on using our text message software without a GSM modem, click

SMS Setup

Once you have an active texting plan with a GSM-based service provider, a SIM card, and a GSM modem, then you can start texting from your computer using Voicent’s software!
To get started, read this helpful
SMS Setup Guide

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