On-Premise Software Help

If you are using our cloud service, please skip this section and go directly to Cloud Help. There is no need to install the server software and configure your own phone service. Everything is already set in the cloud service. All you need to do is login and use it.

How do I set up Voicent's text/SMS messaging software?

With the Twilio SMS module, the software can send and receive text messages through Twilio, which is an online SMS service. You need a Twilio account.
The follow articles are related to the legacy hardware-based option. You may still get these devices on eBay or Amazon, but we no longer provide support for setting up these devices

I've purchased the software. How do I get the license?

Why isn't my software working? And what are all these error messages?

How Do I Use the Software?

Please refer to Cloud Help Center for more info. Once you set up the software, the usage is exactly the same as our cloud platform.

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Our engineer will provide phone support and remote session to solve your issue.

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