How To Use Surveys To Get Better Customer Satisfaction
How Does It Work?

At the end of a sales conversation or support session, have customers call a number to take a survey about their customer experience and satisfaction with your company's work. Or, send your customer satisfaction survey out to a large list of contacts and get real time results in seconds.

Get Feedback Quickly

You're likely to get a better response rate if you send a survey while your customer still has his or her experience with your company in mind. You can automatically trigger a survey call to be send to a customer when the customer completes a certain action with event triggers.

Boost Customer Loyalty

Customers will love you for asking their opinions and performing quality assurance. Plus, you'll be able to fix complaints that customers mention in response to survey questions, because entire survey calls can be recorded.

Survey your volunteers
Perform Quality Assurance

Make sure your customer service isn't slipping with automated phone surveys. You can have Q&A testers call in to give their feedback, or you can do outbound dialing to get responses.