Automated Phone Surveys: Rerun, Pause, Stop, Start

Rerun the Same Surveys

You can use the same surveys again and again, whether you're conducting a study that checks in with subjects every week or if you want to track trends.

Pause, Modify, and Resume

If you want to change a survey question or increase the number of phone lines you want to use, simply pause the survey campaign, make the changes you want, and resume or restart your campaign.

Repeat Surveys with A Narrower Audience

Rerun surveys on the same contact list, but with filters. For example, you can call only the contacts whose machine answered the call, or whose line was busy when the automated phone survey was sent to them.

Automatic Time Zone Adjustment

With automatic time zone adjustment, you'll never have to worry about manually stopping or pausing your automated telephone survey. Plus, our system can delay and schedule calls to be made later if a contact's time zone is too late or too early in the day.

No Interference

Conduct a survey from the beginning to the end without interruptions. You can add calling credit, design and update surveys, get results, without Voicent getting involved at all.

Smooth Stop and Start

If you run out of calling credits, your survey won't be penalized. It will merely pause and wait for you to add calling credits, and resume whenever your credits are sufficient.