Win Campaigns with Automated Political Phone Polling
Find Out Demographic Interests

With automated phone surveys, you can conduct polls based on different regions, genders, age, and any other demographic differentiator you can think of. Simply use our built-in search function to divide and categorize your contacts.

Confirm Your Voter Base

Secure your voter base with interactive phone surveys, and have your voter weigh in on what they think is important and what they think needs to be changed. You'll get quick feedback in real-time, so you can stay one step ahead of your opponents at all times.

Sway Public Opinion

During phone surveys, give recipients a little information before asking them how they feel about a certain issue. It will be like having a personal phone conversation with everyone on your contact list---except you only need to say the questions once when you're recording.

Automated political polling Have Your Voters' Voices Heard

Show your voters that you care by sending automated phone surveys and telephone polls. You'll get to hear important feedback from the public, and your voters will feel their voices have been heard.

Anticipate Results

Need a nationwide political phone survey? Voicent Automated Phone Surveys can dial out hundreds of thousands of phone numbers in an hour. Reach millions with a single click with our powerful dialing capabilities.

Demographic political polling