Automated Phone Surveys: Results and Data

Automatically Generated Charts and Reports

Voicent's automated phone surveys will automatically generate charts and reports for you in real-time. You can view your results any time, including after your survey has finished.

Share Results

Share results with others by giving them a weblink or sharing the data file. If you're using the hosted version, they can create accounts to view your results.

Password Protected Results

Password protect your results when they're stored online and when you share them with others to protect contact list data and personal information.

Raw Data

Download a .csv data file with all the results of your survey, ready to be used in Excel worksheets.

Detailed Call Reports

In addition to charts and percentage reports, Voicent gives you detailed call reports of every phone number called. In these reports, you'll be able to see how much each call lasted, how much each call cost, call status (machine answered, line busy, or live answer), and the number of retries made.

Data Tables

Data tables are automatically generated along with charts. These tables display the total number of people who chose certain options, as well as the number of people who opted out.

Percentages and Totals

Get a visual representation of the distribution of responses to individual questions in real-time. Use this feature at conferences and events to wow your audience and provide an engaging way to give a talk.

Crosstabs & Weighted

Need advanced results analysis? You can export a data file in .csv format that is ready to be used in pivot tables in Excel, so you can choose your cross tabs.

Cross tabulated phone survey data