Generate High Quality Leads with Automated Phone Surveys
Get High Quality Leads

With phone surveys, you can screen call recipients and automatically sort the good leads from the bad leads based on their responses. Plus, our automated phone survey software can immediately process opt out and opt in responses.

Automate Telemarketing with Press 1

Give your customers the option to speak to a live agent by pressing a keypad button. With Press 1, you and your agents will only be talking to interested parties.

Understand the Market

Use automated phone surveys to get information about that your target audience thinks, wants, and believes. Once you understand your market, you'll have an easier time reaching them and interesting them.

Generate high quality leads with surveys
Get Higher Response Rates with TTS

Don't settle for a low response rate. Instead, boost your response rates by sending recorded audio files with a human voice, and combine that with text-to-speech to automatically speak a recipient's name and other information.

Spread Your Message About Your Offer

With Voicent's powerful outbound dialing capabilities, you can spread your message and raise awareness of your business through automated telephone surveys.