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4 Business Savvy Tips on Using Your CRM

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Your success with a CRM is often determined by the quality of the customer relationships that forms between your company and your customers. Some businesses, however, only use their CRM like a glorified Excel spreadsheet to track customers and nothing else–when it could be used to do so much more. Here are 4 business-savvy tips on how you can use your CRM to connect, engage, and cultivate high quality relationships.

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    Get to Know Your Customers

    To start a relationship with someone, you have to understand them and let them feel understood–not an easy task when you are dealing with many customers at the same time. A CRM gives you a place to keep track of all customers, and all their personal details can be automatically gathered from phone calls, emails, texts, online chat, and website interactions. For more on a CRM that automatically tracks customers and saves their contact information along with their interactions, see Voicent’s CRM page.

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    Create effective marketing campaigns

    Creating effective marketing campaigns depends on understanding who your customers are. Having the correct data on how your target customers interact with your company will let you know how to sell to them, and others like them. A good CRM will automatically update customer information during email, phone, or SMS marketing campaigns based on their responses.

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    Develop Meaningful Relationships

    The more data you get, the more you can automate the communication process. Having in-depth information in a CRM allows you to deeply personalize each customer’s experience, but with less work.

    With a marketing automation platform that has a built-in CRM (like the Voicent marketing automation platform), you can automate customer engagement with workflow integration and event triggers. For example, when a prospect fills out a web form on your website, their information is automatically saved into your CRM, and a welcome email may automatically be sent to the prospect without you lifting a finger. In another instance, when your customer logs in for the first time on your website, this interaction is saved into the CRM, and another email may be automatically sent from your business with information on getting started. Thus, knowing where your customer is along the buying process helps you provide professional, high quality customer service and sales flow.

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    Predict the Future: Understand Your Customer’s Purchasing Behavior

    Now that you have all this data, you need to use it! Anticipate what your customer’s purchase behavior and what they will want to know before they even call or send an email. Using CRM data analytics, you can use your CRM to set automatic reminders to make follow up calls and emails to the most important customers. Moreever, you can use your CRM to see purchasing trends and determine what the next step in your company should be. With web form integration with your CRM, you can learn about the areas where you customers decide not to purchase and other bottlenecks.

You can use a CRM to elevate your business, create effective campaigns, connect and engage with customers, and predict their behavior. With a good CRM, doing business becomes simple and enjoyable.

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