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Creating Campaigns Couldn’t Be Easier

Since we have released version 10 of Voicent’s Predictive Dialing software. The number 1 things our customer’s like telling us is how nice our interface is, and how easy it makes managing campaigns.

The way that we create campaigns within Voicent’s ¬†Predictive Dialer is quite creative, and allows for extensive control over who, and when you call a customer. The big change that we have made is we allow our clients to craft basic to advanced CRM based search criteria, giving you a dynamic call list that goes up and down as your agents interact with the CRM record.

Below is an example image of a call list that will call contacts that have, not been called, reached an answering machine, failed to reach(busy tone), as well as their age is below a certain birth year.

Search criteria for Voicent software

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