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Handling Agent Turn Over in a Call Center

We have quite a high turnover working in sales – our current dialler is set up with individual lists for each agent. If an agent leaves we would like to evenly distribute their leads out to the remaining agents – is this functionality available in your dialler?

Yes. Actually, with Voicent’s built-in CRM, it is really easy to manage your call list. The list management goes well beyond a dialer can do.

First, you can easily find all the contacts that are assigned to a particular agent by doing a simple search. Once you have the search result, you can do a mass operation to delete these contacts or assign them to different a different agent.

Because this is a search based operation, you could find a sub-list based on some criteria. For example, you can find contacts that are assigned to an agent AND are residents of a particular state. You can then assign this sub-list to an agent.


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