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Build a remote sales team

With the tread continues toward work from home even after COVID restrictions are relaxed, organizations need to adapt and be flexible in order to keep talents. More and more employees prefer not coming to the office, at least not on every workday. This poses challenges for IT infrastructure to support a sales team that may reside all over the places, even overseas. A sales team requires:

  • Access customer information, such as in a CRM system
  • Communicate with customers over phone, text messages, and email
  • View and manage team member activities in real time

It is difficult for traditional on-premise systems to satisfy such requirements for a team with local and remote workers. For example, by utilizing VPN, remote worker can login to their corporate network and access an in-house CRM. However, traditional PBX systems normally do not work well for remote workers.

The cloud offers a natural solution for supporting remote workers. Cloud based CRM, such as salesforce and Zoho, can be used anywhere in the world. Since data resides in the cloud, it does not matter where people work. Similarly, online VOIP phone services (and call center services) can be utilized. The difficulty with the cloud solution is system integration. Cloud companies normally offer a single solution and it is up to the customer to put them together.

Voicent offers a seamlessly integrated sales solutions with call center tools, CRM, and workflow automation. There is almost no ramp up time to use the service. Simply create an account and login to use it. There is no long term contract required. Customers can opt for a monthly subscription, choose number of users, and select desired features.

For an outbound calling campaign, a manager can upload a calling list, select agents (team members) to work on the campaign regardless where they are, and just hit the start button. The predictive dialer will automatically make all the calls. When a live person answers a call, the dialer software will automatically transfer the call to an agent that’s been idle for the longest time. On the agent’s computer, a screen pop will automatically be displayed with the customer’s CRM record, and optionally, a call script window. In terms of management, the manager can see all activities on the Manager Dashboard. He can listen on live phone calls or do whisper coaching. Manager also have access to full detailed call report and CRM report.

For inbound call centers, auto attendants can be set up to present callers with a menu. Calls then can be transferred to an agent (regardless where he works), a cell phone, or an automated IVR system.

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