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Blocked Call Time

Sometimes a campaign displays the status as Blocked Call Time and also stops making new calls. The valid call time (applies to text messages also) is defined in the Call Control page, which can be accessed from the Setup, Account, Call Control menu. If a campaign cannot find any contacts to call during the valid call time, the campaign will pause automatically and will try to resume in the upcoming hour.

Auto adjustment for time zones

The allowed call time is defined based on the time on the server computer. For our cloud service, all servers are set to the Pacific Time. However, the dialer will automatically adjust the time based the area code of target phone numbers. For example, if the allowed call time is from 9 am to 6 pm, that time will be 9 to 6 on the east coast if a phone number is an east coast phone number.

Confusion may arise when you have a few phone numbers outside of your own time zone. For example, if you set 9 to 6 allowed call time and your campaign shows Blocked call time status at 9:45 am, you may wonder what is going on. The most likely cause is that you have phone numbers on the west coast that are too early to call.

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